Friday, December 29, 2017

Fashion meets Interiors series: featuring style blogger Lan Vo

It may be cold and icy outside, but I have a warm and sunny Fashion meets Interiors feature for you today! Today style blogger Lan Vo of The Lan Line dazzles us with a chic, pastel-inspired outfit & photoshoot based on the vibrant interior design shown below. I really love how it all came together! Read on as style blogger Lan shares her inspiration behind this fabulous outfit:

Hey Y’all! My name is Lan Vo and I am so excited to be featured on Jacquin’s blog series! I am the creative director of the fashion and lifestyle blog, The Lan Line, where I display my versatile style and lover-of-life attitude!

GoodHomes via Design Milk, photo by Maxwell Attenborough

The space I chose is full of pastels and fun colors! Although it is winter, and these colors don’t really go with the season, I still was drawn to the room and how fun it would be to be in it.

I’ve chosen this room because I felt that it matched my bubbly personality. Pastels in interiors are not very common and that is why I love this space. I love trying styles that are not common and going out of my comfort zone.

When I looked at the interior design inspiration, the room reminded me of this particular dress' fun floral embroidered details. Additionally, the dress' shade of blue complemented the room perfectly! I also love the yellow couch and how it adds a pop of color and pattern to the room without overdoing it. It’s so smooth, yet edgy and that’s how I feel about my dress and the details of it.

Of course blush is a perfect pastel shade that can be worn in any season, so naturally I had to add it to my ensemble. I wore my blush statement earrings to accent the pastel blue tones. I think the simplicity in my combination of pastels, makes a big impact in the overall appearance itself, just as pastels do in an interior space. 


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ideas for Decorating (Non-Functional) Fireplaces

Image via Room for Tuesday

During the cold months of winter, a fireplace often becomes a focal d├ęcor element of a space. But, for those who live in warmer climates or have fireplaces that don’t actually work, there are still ways to utilize and highlight your fireplace as an architectural element. A non-functional fireplace can be styled to fit any type of space whether it be contemporary or traditional. You can use sleek lanterns to bring a modern edge to a fireplace or decorate it with candles to create a more cozy and intimate setting. Whatever concept you are trying to achieve in your own home, it can be done using some of the decorating tips below!

Filling a fireplace with candles instantly creates a cozy, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Layering different shapes of monochrome candles is chic and adds a subtle architectural element. Not to mention, burning candles create a beautiful, naturally dimmed light similar to the light traditional working fireplaces give off. To take an extra step, you can also put candles in lanterns in the fireplace to add more structure.

Design by Sarah Gibson and Jacqueline Brown of Room for Tuesday

Combining different shapes and sizes of similar vases makes an area look less calculated and more organic. While the use of vases in a fireplace is unconventional, it creates a special elegance that usually the mantle of a fireplace would provide rather than the inside of a fireplace. 

Photo from Decorpad

If you want to keep with the traditional use of fireplaces, there are multiple ways wood can be used to fill the empty space. One way that always looks great is meticulously stacking logs to create a beautiful and natural architectural element. 

Design by Kate Strickland, photo for

Putting a sculpture or piece of art in a fireplace space is completely unexpected. This is the perfect idea for someone with eclectic taste that isn’t afraid to take design risks. If you are up for the risk, the final design result is artistic and unique!

Adding a fresh floral arrangement or greenery is a quick and easy way to add a design element to an open fireplace. It is important to make sure the scale of the arrangement is large enough so it doesn’t get swallowed by the space of the open fireplace. For greens, you can combine an assortment of different sized plants.

Photo for Homedit

Which one of these fireplace decor ideas would you try? 

Article by Layne Wolfington, Interiors by Jacquin intern.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Design Lovers Gift Guide

I've collaborated with the Interiors by Jacquin team to compile the best gift ideas for Design Lovers of all backgrounds. You will love these gift suggestions! We have 3 distinct categories of gifts to entice you: Creative gifts, Luxury gifts, and Budget-Friendly gifts. Read on for our top recommendations for the picky design-lover in your life!

3. Broste Copenhagen 'Haldan' Candlestick Set

Michael Aram Gold 'Palm' Frame
Designer Michael Aram never fails to create impressive luxury home decor & gift items. This gilded 'Palm' frame is one of my favorites! This frame, which I own personally, catches the light and shines when displayed making it the perfect showstopper gift for the Design Lover!


Creative Lettering Art & Stationery Kit
Now this gift is definitely my favorite gift of the season! It's no secret that the art of calligraphy has made a glorious comeback in these past few years, and if you're anything like me, it has seriously peaked your creative interest. If you know someone (or maybe you are someone) who is dying to learn this skill but can't afford to take a professional course, then this lovely hand-lettering kit teaches the magic of calligraphy and hand-lettering for only $14.77! 

BYOB Scented Candle Making Workshop
During one of my recent trips to Atlanta, I stopped into the store Candlefish. Not only do they have hundreds of handcrafted candles in stock, with the option of choosing your own scents to put into a unique candle, they also offer candle and essential oil making workshops! Candle making workshops are a great gift to give/plan for a girls night out or a date night! It is definitely an unexpected yet extremely pleasant surprise of a gift. 

Save this gift guide onto Pinterest to have gift ideas on-hand throughout the year! Happy shopping!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fun Finds at the Traders Village Flea Market! (Video)

There are two things I really love in life - a great design find and a great deal, and Traders Village Flea Market in Texas delivers on both. Traders Village is located just outside of Dallas, Texas in the suburb of Grand Prairie and it has been ranked one of the Top 10 Flea Markets in the United States

I made the visit to Traders Village with my great friend Hina Amin, host of inspirational radio show Expressive Homes with Hina on Radio Azad. Hina and I were eager to see what this flea market has to offer and we were inspired by so many things we found while shopping. Watch our video above to see our experience at Traders Village Flea Market!

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