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Fashion meets Interiors: Featuring Michael Coleman of Luxury Brand Recreo

Today I've collaborated with luxury fashion brand Recreo and its founder Michael Coleman to bring you a new edition of Fashion meets InteriorsIn this series I feature designers, stylists, and fashion bloggers who style an outfit based on their interpretation of an inspirational interior design image. Today I'm pleased to introduce luxury fashion brand RecreoRecreo is based in San Miguel, Mexico and they are known for their high-end outerwear and traditionally inspired ponchos. Recreo San Miguel has built an amazing following by re-creating traditional garments (hence, the name "Recreo") by updating items like the poncho, using luxurious fabrics and fashion-foward styling. 

Recreo's unique “take” on outerwear has captured the admiration of the fashion press, having been featured in Vogue, W, Elle, the New York Times, Esquire, and even Architectural Digest, because their flagship store in San Miguel is so beautiful. I am pleased to present Recreo's interpretation of this bold and tropical interior design. Michael Coleman and the Recreo team have worked together to style a chic outfit for their model inspired by this dramatic interior design. Their interpretation of this unique space is below. I hope you’ll find it as inspiring as I do.


The creative interpretation of Michael Coleman of Recreo 

First of all, I’d like to thank Jacquin for inviting Recreo to interpret this interior design with stunning tropical refuge. We were immediately drawn to the room’s high-contrast and dramatic mix of intense, cool colors offset by punches of white and gold. The room combines formal elements like the traditional diamond-patterned tile and classical composition, combined with more informal and lush tropical influences, coming from the casually-placed potted plants and fern-patterned accent pieces. The rich shades of green in this room really inspired our design. 

Image via Apartment Number 4

All of this led our team to put together an outfit that echoes many of these themes, creating an outfit that embodies the spirit of the room.

To anchor our outfit, we (unsurprisingly) chose a poncho from our own 2016 Recreo San Miguel collection. Handcrafted from a luxurious silk crêpe de chine, this poncho is flattering and flowing…just right for Spring through Summer and into the early days of Autumn. Like all Recreos, it features the beautiful brand logo in genuine sterling silver as a mark of authenticity. The garment, like the room that inspired it, features a contrast of dark greens and whites with a geometric pattern that is both structured and organic at the same time. This is a versatile piece that can be worn with or without a top; it can be paired with jeans, pants, or a mid-length skirt, so it’s perfect for today’s mix-and-match approach to dressing. And stylistically, it can go from uptown to downtown, from beach to cocktail party, to the theater.

To complement the Recreo poncho, our designer Julia Sloan selected a classic white culotte from Zara that combines perfectly with the poncho; both are loose, flowing, easy-to-wear and easy-to-pair. We love these kinds of pants – culottes, gauchos, palazzo pants and similar loose cropped trousers – they’re perfect to wear on a date, for a weekend brunch with friends, or even to work.

The Zara wraparound high-heel sandals we selected are – like all the other pieces – both casual and elegant at the same time, allowing for flexible styling while combined with the dramatic heel height.

Rounding out our outfit, we again turned to the dynamic interior design for inspiration, which showcases pops of gold. We selected wonderful gold-washed jewelry from the Armour collection, which features jewellery that is fresh, modern, and flattering.

When you put all the pieces together, you’ve got a pulled-together, cohesive look that we think you will look great in!


Each Recreo garment is artisanally made in small batches, so supplies of each garment are extremely limited, making each Recreo garment special and highly coveted.

1. Silk Crepe Chine Miguel Poncho from Recreo - Recreo offers several beautiful, high-quality ponchos in a range of colors and patterns. 
2. Culottes Trousers from Zara
3. Neutral colored strappy sandals from Zara 
4. Delicate tri-pendant necklace from Armour
5. 18 k gold bangles from Armour

All of us at Recreo San Miguel are delighted to share our thoughts on “inspired dressing” with you today and we hope you’ll check out our blog and website at www.RecreoSanMiguel.comPlease sign up for the Recreo newsletter on our website to stay up to date with our latest designs and collections. 

Credits: Photography by Marcus Jolly, Model: Mataya Winter

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bloggers at Home: Tiffany Jones of 726 sqft blog

It's been a few weeks since I've shared a home tour with you, so this edition of "Bloggers at Home" is right on time! I'm getting to know lifestyle blogger Tiffany Jones of 726 sqft blog and she's been kind enough to show us around her Atlanta home. Tiffany's blog shares tips for creating an authentic and inspired life and today she's sharing a glimpse into her own minimalist, inspired lifestyle. She even shares how she created her own DIY floating desk, which is fantastic! Read on for more. Thanks Tiffany!

Jacquin: It's so great to be chatting with you today! Can you share a little about your blog and your inspiration behind your blog 726 sqft?

Tiffany: Hi! I'm Tiffany Jones, the artist, photographer, designer and blogger for 726 SQFT lifestyle blog and design studio. I'm originally from Richmond, VA, but I now call Atlanta, GA home. 726 SQFT is about being limitless in limited spaces, stepping outside of your comfort zone every now and then, and truly living the life you want no matter what. Do the things you love and you'll make yourself a better you! 

Tiffany's DIY floating desk she made is a great space saver! See her floating desk tutorial here. 

Jacquin: Tell us about your personal style. How is your personal style reflected in your home?

Tiffany: Recently I've slowly started transitioning all parts of my life to a more minimalistic style. I've purged my entire home, clothes and some furniture to start over with a clean slate. I believe less is more and prefer simple, clean styles. Neutral palettes are my favorite and give me a calming feeling.

Jacquin: Have you done any do-it-yourself projects around your home that you've really been happy with?

Tiffany: I made the desk in my bedroom! Living in a one bedroom condo requires a bit of creativity in terms of fitting in a desk. I also wanted to save money since desks are so expensive, so I went the do-it-yourself route. It's been such a great solution because this floating desks only requires two legs and is attached to the wall. Perfect space saver! I made this floating desk from pipes, a glass top and drawer knobs. Check out the stylish doornob details in the photo of my desk below. You can find the tutorial for my DIY floating desk on my blog here

Tiffany's pet dog, Max. He looks so friendly!

Jacquin: You have the cutest dog! What's your favorite thing about your dog, Max? Have you made any adjustments for your home's decor and furniture since having a dog? Any tips for people decorating as dog owners?

Tiffany: Thank you! I love his unconditional love and happy spirit. He'll be 7 years old next month and he still has a puppy-like energy, it's infectious. I've removed the carpet from my bedroom leaving the concrete exposed and have woods and tile floors everywhere else. Carpet is tough with a pet, I suggest replacing it with something easier to clean for pet dander and any accidents. No matter what I do, Max finds a way to sit on the couch while I'm not home so it was important for me to choose a couch with removable, machine washable covers. He also likes to hop on the bed while I'm sleeping so I keep a blanket just for him at the end of the bed to keep the comforter clean.

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home?

Tiffany: My bedroom! The most peaceful part of my day is relaxing in my bedroom with peace and quiet. I have an awesome view of the Atlanta Skyline and it's a beautiful place to watch the sunrise and sunset. 

Jacquin: I saw that you're growing a potted lemon tree from a seed at home currently. What a great idea! I know the smell will be amazing, if it isn't already. How is your lemon plant doing? Any tips you've learned about growing a lemon tree plant since you've started?

Tiffany: I'm winging it! I know absolutely nothing but to give it plenty of sun and water. It's still very small, no lemons yet, I'm thinking it may take another year or so.

Jacquin: Studying fashion design sounds so exciting! How has attending school for Fashion Design prepared you for what you're doing today?

Tiffany: I currently work for Spanx as a Technical Designer so my background in Fashion Design has helped me tremendously. I focus on the fit of the garment and pattern-making which is a huge part of what I learned in school. In terms of my own business I've learned to incorporate design into all aspects of my life from interior to personal style. It's helped me to live a creative, inspired life.

Tiffany's relaxing balcony space at home. 

Jacquin: What is inspiring you creatively right now?

Tiffany: I recently stumbled across Carol Erb's "Animal Intentions" collection and was completely inspired. I love the unexpected mix of interiors with nature and the animals. She sticks to a relatively neutral palette but incorporates small pops of color from nature. Nature's beauty is always inspiring, especially when incorporated into the home. You can see her work here.

Visit Tiffany's lifestyle blog 726 sqft for chic fashion inspiration, recipes, and other great topics that I know you'll love. You can also find Tiffany on Instagram here. Have a lovely week!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Entertaining with Style: Sweet Lulu's Colorful Margarita Party!

Welcome to Spring and Happy Friday! When it comes to personal style, hosting and entertaining is the perfect opportunity to showcase your own unique style. As a thoughtful (and stylish) hostess, I always take care to ensure that the food is excellent, the decor is fabulous, and the guest list is filled with amazing people at my events! It's this level of care and style that I look forward to bringing you wonderful readers in my Entertaining with Style series.

Today I'm bringing you a colorful margarita party hosted by Shop Sweet Lulu, an online boutique specializing in high-quality & on-trend partyware sourced from around the globe. There are so many great ideas here! Enjoy!

I've interviewed Shop Sweet Lulu's proprietress, Jesse Senese, to get the details on this fun fiesta!

Jacquin: Hi Jessie!  Thanks for chatting with me today!

Jessie: It's my pleasure! 

Jacquin: What inspires your fun party decor creations at Shop Sweet Lulu

Jessie: We're inspired by so many things, and they're always different - it can be a color combination, a product, or a theme.  This particular party was inspired by the drink we served!  The margarita!

Jacquin: I love that Sweet Lulu has thrown a margarita themed party!  I've been wanting to show that brightly colored parties with all of the fun decor can still work for an adult get-together.  Sweet Lulu's party is the perfect example!  Share with us a bit about your inspiration for this particular party.  

Jessie: Once we knew that we wanted to serve margaritas, the menu and décor sprang to life.   We took a little field trip to a Mexican grocery store and stocked up on colorful cans of beans and other ingredients, which we used as containers for our flowers, and paired those with pretty pieces from our shop in vibrant colors.

Jacquin: How does your personal style come through in the parties and get togethers you host?

Jessie: For the margarita night, for example, I found a vintage wicker peacock chair (above) at a resale shop and created a flower 'crown' for it.  I also fancied up a bunch of glass jars with glitter - we hung these from the trees and used them as votive holders on the tables.  I always try to include a handmade element.

Jacquin: Share with the readers the decor elements featured in your party.

Jessie: We brought my kitchen table and chairs outside, and covered it with a fabric table runner and lots of potted flowers.  I also cut some fresh flowers from the garden and placed those in the glittery glass jars that we crafted.  As the night wore on, the big bulb lights hanging from the trees highlighted the tissue streamers floating in the sky and it was all magical.  We also tied little strips of fabric around these sticks DIY style to make drink stirrers (shown above). We wrapped the chic gold utensils in matching strips of fabric, as well.  A great way to customize your party!

Jacquin: What was the menu at the party?

Jessie: The Paloma Margarita was the star of the show!  We also had fresh guacamole and chips, and a few different salsas, but the evening was definitely about the margarita! I used this recipe for the Paloma, which varies from other margaritas I've seen in that the glass is rimmed in sugar instead of salt.  It was delicious!

Jacquin: For my last question, would you mind sharing one great party hosting tip with us?

Jessie: Keep it simple.  Don't over-think things, and execute a couple of things really well.

Want to source Sweet Lulu's colorful party supplies shown here?  I have all of the information for you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Contemporary Painter Brian Coleman

It's in the notes, Brian Coleman, 2014, 60x48.

Brian Coleman is an American painter with an exciting style of painting. His works are becoming increasingly popular across the U.S., allowing Brian to land several coveted art commissions, in addition to recently being selected as one of 12 Artists You Need To Know in art journalism piece by Carrie Waller. Over the years, he developed his style by working with emotions and experiences in his artwork. By building layered surfaces, Brian Coleman creates environments where pieces either connect or drift away from one another, mirroring our surroundings and lives that are forever changing. I enjoyed the opportunity to interview Brian and learn more about his creative inspiration and dynamic career as an artist. 

Jacquin: How do architecture and interiors influence your work? 

Brian: Structure, textiles, angles, lines, form, furniture (chairs) has always been appealing to me. My work consists mostly of looser and structured form and color which go hand in hand with Architecture and interiors.

Heart Not Head, Brian Coleman, 2015, 48x48. Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art.

Brian Coleman's art on display at The George Gallery in Charleston, SC. 

Jacquin: What inspired you to become a painter/artist? How did you start? 

Brian: It had to do with my mom exposing me to many materials like crayons, paper, paint and giving me a space in our Laundry room for me to create as a kid. From there i have always been drawn to creative activities from a young age until now. It became more and more interesting in High School / College where I started to explore painting on a regular basis.

Layered Form 4, Brian Coleman, 2016, 30x24. Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art.

Brian Coleman's original art room "studio" in the 1980s. He started young!

Jacquin: What has been your favorite work you created so far?

Brian: It's hard to choose just one over another. They have all taught me something in one way or another throughout the years.

Jacquin: I love the geometric shapes in your artwork. How do these shapes represent your emotions? 

Brian: The forms and shapes geometric or organic are influenced by how I am feeling at the time. For instance one day i may be painting more structured geometric shapes and another day may be looser organic forms. Depends if things in life are more up in the air, chaotic or content.

The Ins And Outs, Brian Coleman, 2016, 30x24. Available at The George Gallery.

Layered Form 6, Brian Coleman, 2016, 30x24. Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art. 

Jacquin: I see that you studied graphic design initially. How does your graphic design knowledge come into play in your artwork? 

Brian: I have studied extensively the basic elements of art: color, form, shape, texture, line, space and value while at The Art Institute which has given me a great foundation and allows me to just paint without thinking too much because of that understanding.

Layered Form 7, Brian Coleman, 2016, 30x24. Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art.

Layered Form 3, Brian Coleman, 2016, 30x24. Available at The George Gallery.

Jacquin: How easy or difficult has it been to develop a business as an artist? How has your journey been with arranging places to show your artwork, working with galleries, etc.? 

Brian: It's never easy, I work hard with and alongside my galleries I am in. You have to try and balance your personal life with studio time, replenishing work, building up pieces for shows, the business side, etc. I starting showing at some galleries on and off since High School. I have been fortunate with most of the galleries that I have worked with over the years to go pretty smoothly. I have a great business and personal relationship with both galleries I am represented by currently. The George Gallery, Charleston, SC and Anne Irwin Fine Art, Atlanta, GA.

Jacquin: What has been the most influential or memorable moment for you as an artist so far? 

Brian: July 2014 when I began to paint full time.

(Left) Brian Coleman standing next to one of his works of art. (Right) Brian's son experiences his first art showing. 

Brian Coleman's artwork is popping up everywhere! Here is a recent Atlanta Homes editorial (above) featuring another one of Coleman's dynamic paintings. Visit Brian Coleman's Instagram page for more creative inspiration and behind the scenes photos. You can learn more about Brian's past works and gallery representation at his website Brian Coleman Art.  

See more features from the Artist Spotlight Series here.

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Start Your Week with This Great Web Roundup

As you gear up for the week ahead, take a look at these great articles from across the Internet. This web roundup is sure to inspire you in one way or another. Plus try out this fab recipe for Key Lime Poundcake with Key Lime Cream Cheese Icing. You'll find the amazing recipe at the bottom of this post. Have a fantastic week!

Don't miss these great articles!

And in case you missed it...

Interiors by Jacquin blog has been selected as one of 2016's Top 90 Interior Design Blogs Worth Following as part of Marché Magazine's new rankings. 

Marché Magazine is the publication affiliated with Trove Market, an online marketplace to buy and sell used furniture and decor. Marche Magazine combed through over 2,000 interior design blogs in their search to determine the top 90 interior design blog worth following this year. Interiors by Jacquin has been ranked #7! Yay! Head over to the website here to see the full rankings list for 2016.

Plus, a delicious dessert recipe! 

Try out this recipe for Key Lime Poundcake with Key Lime Cream Cheese Icing. Yum!!

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