Friday, October 31, 2014

3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Home Office

It's always nice to have a space at home where you can get work done. And because it's your home office, you can style it any way you want. Here are three tips for getting the most out of your home office. 

Photo via Everything Leb, Designed by Ansley Interiors

First, always remember that if you're short on space, more than one person can share a home office.  These offices maximize space by including a place for two people to work independently.  Above we see one long desk, and below two smaller desks, depending on what your space allows. I wouldn't feel crammed in either of these spaces. 

Image via Iconosquare, Office Headquarters of Kelly Wearstler

Image via Lonny

Second, add a touch of glamour to your home office!  Luckily adding glam isn't hard at all, just add a hint of black.  Black equals instant glam as you can see in these office designs (above & below).  Très chic indeed.

Image via Pinterest, Hautkhuuture Blog

Third, if you don't have a home office, create one.  If you can spare a small closet you can make for yourself an office in no time. Take a look at the sunny closet turned office below.  If this is the perfect DIY project for your office lacking space, then click over to House Beautiful's suggestions for making the most out of a closet turned office.

Image via Apartment Therapy, Decorology

As a bonus, be sure to include color in your home office!  Bright colors are energizing and so can be perfect for a home office.  Below, the pink burst of color is the highlight of this feminine office.

Image via House Beautiful, Designed by Ashley Whittaker, Photography James Merrell

What are your plans for an office makeover? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Little Neon to Brighten Your Day

Image via Desire to Inspire, Lucas Allen Photography

Since Neon is as bright as colors come, it seemed fitting to give you a dose of neon to brighten your day!  You'll be suprised by how much neon decor can add to a room.  It may just be the most underutilized and fun color palette around.  Let's see if I can convince you to give neon a try!

I'd love to upholster some walls and use nailheads like these or on some doors, it would look Cool!!!!! If you like it too, give me a Call & I'll come give you a Free Estimate!!!
Campbell Designs LLC, Image via Buttercup Bungalow

Isn't the hot pink office chair above energizing? Neon colors can be the perfect pick-me-up for an office.  Trade your caffeine for color.

Comedores blancos con sillas de colores - Decoratrix | Blog de decoración, interiorismo y diseño
Image via Decoratrix, Style at Home 

Scandinavian design in pastels <3 Copper Lampshade | 101 Woonideeen
Image via 101Woonideeen

This highlighter yellow rocking chair (above) adds the perfect amount of charm to this pink sitting area.  The brass light fixture also adds a special feature to this room, but the neon is the highlight of this happy look. 

Maria Barros.   Love the colors!  So not functional with kids but maybe later in life.
Designed by Brigida Graca, Image via Pinterest

 Last Image via DecoistItal Design Furniture

And for the grand neon finale, an awe inspiring neon green chandelier! Because sometime neon is just the unexpected punch you need.  So have these looks convinced you to give neon a try? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting

Images via: 1  \  2  \  3

Images via: 1  \  2 

Images via: 1  \  2 \  3  \  4

Images via: 1  \  2

Images via: 1  \  2  \  3

Images via: 1  \  2  \  3  \  4

Images via: 1  \  2

1. Friendly Door Mat - Nothing says "Welcome" more than a friendly first impression! If you like the idea of putting your last name or a custom design on your door mat, then check out this tutorial for a DIY door mat at Old Blue Silo blog.  It's really easy!

2. Arrange Furniture for Conversation - Don't feel like you have to have all of your furniture against the wall.  Pulling the furniture in creates a more intimate conversation space.  Also, having seating in the middle of a room like in the photo, allows every seat in the room to be a great seat for conversation!

3. Freshly Fluffed Sofa & Pillows - If you have a saggy sofa you'll be glad to know there is a very easy DIY method for breathing fresh life into your saggy sofa cushions and the supplies are only $10. You can find an easy tutorial here on the Living Rich on Less blog.  Visit Decoist blog for tips on the art of pillow placement!

4. Welcoming Scent - Your guest won't be disappointed with the scents I've suggested! The Henri Bendel "Fig" reed diffuser and the Circle E. Candles "Bird of Paradise" candle

5. Resort Feel - Having fruit infused water available or a fresh glass of lemonade is a wonderful way to welcome your guest.  Try this recipe for infused water and this recipe for strawberry lemonade the next time you have a visitor stop by.  Absolutely refreshing, just like at the resort!

6. Engage Your Guest - With interesting coffee table books and curiosities!  This will ensure that people stay comfortable and engaged even if you have to step away for a moment.  Here are two of my coffee table books: The Houses of Veranda and A Year of Festivals (A Lonely Planet Guide). 

7. Fresh Flowers & Plants - Fresh flowers & plants are the easiest and most classic way to give your home a more inviting feel.  If you want to make sure your home always has this fresh look, try a large faux potted plants like this one.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stunning Hotel Lobbies

For the traveler, the design of a hotel's lobby is a predictor of the experience to come, so it's no question why hotels are packing such a punch in their lobby design.  

                                                                                   Langam Hotel Chicago, Image via New York Times 

The Langham Hotel in Chicago (above) is just stunning with its custom glass bauble installation art hanging in the lobby.  The lobby is both sophisticated and whimsical, a combination that is one of my favorites! The choice of neutral and cream colored furnishings really allows the accessories to shine, while creating a relaxing environment for the Langham Hotel traveler. Skillful design indeed. 

Take a look at their website and you'll find that their rooms are just as stylish and upscale as the lobby.  I'd certainly book an extended stay here. If you're ever in Chicago, I should note that The Langham Hotel features hand-crafted cocktails and live music every Friday and Saturday night (8:30-12, but call first to confirm the schedule hasn't changed - more info here).  The city views are an added bonus!

Richly dyed furnishings and the crystal lighting of the hotel above exude luxury. This lobby says to the style maven, "You are just where you belong."  What more could you want from a hotel? Well, perhaps a comfortable bed too, but something tells me that won't be a problem here. 

                                                         Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles, Image via World All & Details

The Hotel Bel-Air is California casual-luxury at its best!  I love the contrasting black accents on the armchairs and with the arrival of Fall's crisp air, I especially appreciate the inclusion of a cozy fireplace.   The arched french windows add to this hotel's luxurious charm.  This hotel also features a highly-recommended bar & restaurant with a menu crafted by Wolfgang Puck and nightly live music. Doesn't this hotel space make you want to cozy-up and relax?-- while dressed very stylishly of course.  

Stunning Lobby Room Hotels Residence with Modern Design Style Beige Sofa , Interior & Furniture, 667x500 pixels

Image via Stupic

                          Sofitel So Singapore Hotel, Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Image via ButterBoom

How unique are the hexagonal wine racks at the Singapore Sofitel's lobby bar? The designers achieve a contemporary and distinctly memorable look. This hotel is on my list of hotel designs I must see in person. Hopefully I'll be sharing a photo with you of myself in this very lobby in the not too distant future.  Fingers crossed!

1. The Langham Chicago

Image via BizBash

What features make a hotel most memorable to you?

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Etsy Eight: Awesome Etsy Finds of the Week


1. Abstract oil painting - Now that it's Fall, add some warmth to your home with this sunny painting. (Siiso)

2. Monique Leshman Signature Tunic in batik cream - Perfect tunic to pair with jeans this fall.  Available in several colors. (Monique Leshman)

3. Cobalt feather lace earrings - Many styles and colors available (White Owl Jewelry)

4. Fall monogram grapevine wreath - Just in time for Fall! (Wreath Dreams)

5. Gatsby Collection monogram lucite mini-trays - You can customize these mini trays with your monogram!  They are perfect for storing keys, jewelry, office supplies and the like. (Sara Moore Shoppe)

6. Color-block pillow -  As seen in HGTV magazine (Jillian Rene Decor)

7. Floral bridal headband -  More colors available for you brides out there! So pretty and unique! (Boutique de Bandeaux)

8. "You got this" calligraphy coffee mug - Always encourage yourself! (Printable Wisdom)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Closet You Can Live In

Katy Interior Designer 
Image via LovelyClusters Blog

Everyone enjoys the luxurious expanse of a walk-in closet.  Add a dash of chic accessories, equally attractive clothing, the perfect storage system, and voila!  You have the perfect walk-in closet.  The addition of a stunning chandelier and stylish arm chair, as in the closet above, certainly helps convey the feel of luxury!

Photography by Jacob Hand, Anthony Michael Interior Design, Photo via Houzz
Katy Interior Designer

                                                                                                                                    Closet of Gisele Bündchen, Image via Architectural Digest

Want to know how the inside of a super model's closet looks? Well, above the closet of Gisele Bündchen is just as pretty and expansive as expected, and complete with beautiful fresh flowers.  Why not add fresh floral accents to your dressing space?  It's a fresh touch of the outdoors and the perfect way to introduce your favorite color! 

Don't forget to add accessories to your dressing space that feature your unique style and personality.  The whimsical, pink closet below does just that.  

Walk-in-closets (13)
Image via FreshHome

Walk-in-closets (18)
Image via FreshHome

Above, the large glass sliding doors allow fantastic shopping finds to be on full display.  This is the perfect style for those who like a more clean, minimalist style.  

And let's not forget about all of the guys out there.  Just like every man wants a mancave, he wants a debounair walk-in closet too! The men's closet below is the epitomy of luxury for the well-dressed man. 
Hotelier Steve Wynn's Las Vegas Villa, designed by Roger Thomas, Image via Architectural Digest

Designed by Darryl Carter, Image via Cococozy 

Closet of Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's lovely white closet is an excellent lesson in why you should use your own clothing as decor in your dressing space. Here colorful silk dresses pop against the white and gold backdrop.  I'm sure you have a favorite dress in your closet that is dying to be highlighted!  Hang one single dress on an attractive hook on the wall or even several stylish pieces on a small clothing rack.  

Another fun idea is to display some of your favorite designers on the wall. Below, Erica Cook of Moth Design displayed bags from her favorite shopping trips in classic white ikea frames.  Take a look at how she styled her closet here.
Closet of Interior Design blogger Erica Cook, Image via Moth Design

I hope you're feeling inspired to spruce up your closets and dressing spaces! What changes or additions do you think you'll make to your closet next?

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Sculptural Expression

12 Rooms that Showcase Sculpture in main interior design  Category
Photo by Jamie Beck, Design by Elizabeth Martin

Art is inseparable from design.  So, it's high time I let you know just how much I love art!  The stunning rooms featured here all reach a new depth by including artistic sculptures.  Above we see the earthy "O" sculpture in the background, and the distinct walking sculpture in the foreground. These sculptures become a part of the space and give life to the room even when completely unoccupied. 

This blog will feature a variety of art forms both within and beyond the realm of interior design.  So, let's explore together the unlimited possibilities of art in design and the art of life.  

How impactful is the tiny nook above! It has three sculptures, hanging artwork, and a bold animal print chair and it all comes together just masterfully.  

Below, I am delighted by the eclectic nature of the sculptures featured. This room features a large monk statute created by Xiao Li and a whimsical red mobile created by Alexander Calder.  The living space feels global, airy, and most notably zen.  This is definitely a space I'd love to call my own.  

Designed by Nancy Heller, Photo via Architectural Digest 

Photo by Danny Piassick, via Houzz, Tatum Brown Custom Homes

There are men on the wall!  How unexpected is that? I'd certainly say this is a fresh perspective on including sculptures in the home! That's one of the very best things about art, it provides unlimited potential to the design of your home.  

12 Rooms that Showcase Sculpture in main interior design  Category
Photo by Manolo Yllera

There's no shortage of visual interest in the eclectic home shown above. You'll be surprised by just how many sculptures you'll count in this space.  As you can see, the more artwork you add, the merrier. 

The London home below is equally interesting.  Just take a look at the avant-garde sculpture featuring chic lampshades for the figure's head.  Unexpected yet again!  So when it comes to adding a special sculpture to your space, just go for it. It really adds depth and personality to your home.  Select a sculpture that makes you feel happy and you'll be well on your way!

Designed by Francis Sultana Ltd., Photographer Luke White, Photo via Architectural Digest

Which design is your favorite?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Globetrotting in Style: Seattle, Washington

If you're looking for  a new place to travel to within the U.S., Seattle may be the perfect location. I absolutely love this city, and so does our guest blogger today Lauren Hughes of Lolly Jayne Loves

Hi, I'm Lauren Hughes, a graphic and web designer working at Nordstrom. I blog over at Lolly Jayne Loves and I will be launching my art and style blog Bank of Swans really, really soon! So, I "officially" moved to Seattle from the UK just over 2 years ago. I use "officially" because Seattle has seemed like home for much, much longer than that. My parents have lived in Seattle for around 12 years, so I have spent a lot of time back and forth between there and the UK. As I said I decided to make the move a permanent one 2 years ago, and I have never for one second regretted that decision. Seattle really is my home and I love it, and I'm excited to get to share a little bit of it with all of you in this post.

1. Volunteer Park
Seattle is all about nature and being outside, there are so many gorgeous spots to explore in and around the city and, of course, the surrounding mountains and islands. I feel really lucky that I live in walking distance of a place as beautiful as Volunteer Park, it's the perfect bit of tranquillity in the heart of Capitol Hill. Being a stunning open space would be enough to encourage you to stop by here but Volunteer Park has so much more to offer than just green lawns and tall trees. All year round there are events going on, from Shakespeare plays in the summer, to music festivals, markets, and Christmas Caroling in the Winter. Also, there are stunning vistas of the city and the Space Needle. It is also home to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which has amazing exhibits all year round. And then last but by no means least there is the Conservatory, which is home to so many beautiful plants, roses, lilies, cacti, succulents, palm trees, and ferns. The Conservatory also hosts unique events throughout the year.

All in all Volunteer Park is the perfect spot to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city without having to go very far at all.

2. The London Plane
The London Plane is one of my favorite Seattle spots. Housed in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle, The London Plane is, to quote "part cafe, part specialty foods grocery, and part floral workshop". This is the place to go when you're looking for elegant brunch, sophisticated cocktails or a unique dinner. Their brunch is special, an in-house bakery serves up a myriad of pastries and breads as well a variety of cereals, yogurts, vegetables, and grains. It's a great alternative to all the heavy, stodgy food you often find available for brunch. 

My food choice is always their mezze of beet hummus, caramelized cauliflower-eggplant spread & cashew romesco, accompanied by either a glass of red wine or rose.  Not only can you get great food here at The London Plane, you can also pick up all kinds of produce to take home with you from their exquisitely stocked grocery section, or pick up new stationery, soap or some new art from their boutique shop. All of this AND they can even teach you how to arrange flowers in one of their many floral workshops going on throughout the year. You would also be really silly not to grab a slice of their ginger cake on the way out, trust me!

3. The Pink Door
The Pink Door is one of the cutest dinner spots in Seattle. It's located right in the heart of the touristy Pike Place Markets, but it's tucked secretly away down Post Alley hidden behind, you guessed it, a pink door. You could be forgiven for walking straight past as its only identifiable by its door, but once you step inside you instantly know you're in the right place. It's charming and cozy, rustic in its decor, homely and welcoming. This place is always pretty busy so it's best to book in advance if you can. If your lucky enough to make it when a show is on your in for a treat. The Pink Door plays host to cabaret performances, trapeze artists who soar above you as you dine and burlesque shows. If you head here in Summer be sure to sit outside on the deck with its amazing views overlooking Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountain Range. 

The food reflects the vibe of the place, it's Italian-American fair and it's hearty and wholesome and totally satisfying, the pasta is not to be missed. We dined on Risotto Al Limone - shrimp, scallops and Bloomsdale spinach and one of their constantly changing specials, squid ink spaghetti, with mussels, clams and calamari in a spicy tomato sauce, and baskets of bread. You also can't go wrong with their decadent chocolate sponge dessert. Mouthwateringly good. The Pink Door is the perfect place for a date or a celebration, it's a definitely night you won't forget in a hurry.

Stop by Lolly Jayne Loves blog to learn more about Lauren. To see more great "Globetrotting in Style" destinations take a look here