Monday, May 30, 2016

Stunning Celebrity Home Tours

I'm starting your week off with a fab roundup of celebrity home tours! Today I'm showcasing the homes of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, and Cameron Diaz. These stylish celebrities have spared no expense decorating their luxe home interiors!

Home of Jennifer Aniston. Architectural Digest, Designer Stephen Shadley, Photography Scott Frances

-Jennifer Aniston-

Jennifer Aniston's home has a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic filled with rich woods and custom finishings. And it is no surprise that Jennifer's outdoor space is just as amazing as the interiors! I really love the covered, wrap around patio shown below. Perfect for entertaining!

Architectural Digest, Designer Stephen Shadley, Photography Scott Frances

Architectural Digest, Designer Stephen Shadley, Photography Scott Frances

Another great feature of Jennifer Aniston's wall are the amazing wood paneled walls. Even though she uses wood throughout her home, each room has a unique feel marked by using a variety of woods in different ways. Just take a look at the different approaches to wood in Jennifer's spaces shown here (see photo above and below).

Architectural Digest, Designer Stephen Shadley, Photography Scott Frances

Architectural Digest, Designer Stephen Shadley, Photography Scott Frances

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

-Jessica Alba-

Jessica Alba's newest home has a lovely, natural feel to the space and features a range of great patterns from her fireplace tile to her amazing textile selections. 

Better Homes & Gardens, Styling by Consort, Photography Justin Coit

When I look at Jessica Alba's living room and kitchen (see above and below), the first thing that comes to mind for me is 'the perfect vacation home'! The natural wood along with the leather, relaxed rattan, and bold patterned tiles create that beach home "life is a vacation" vibe, that I could really use more of in my life. Shouldn't home be our number one place to relax? Jessica Alba definitely accomplishes this!

Better Homes & Gardens, Styling by Consort, Photography Justin Coit

Better Homes & Gardens, Styling by Consort, Photography Justin Coit

Jessica Alba's home is a great example that decorating with kids doesn't have to be unattractive or look like one big kid's zone. Comfortable luxury is the perfect note to hit when wanting to create a relaxing space that will also be kid-friendly.

Better Homes & Gardens, Styling by Consort, Photography Justin Coit

Cameron Diaz with interior designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

-Cameron Diaz-

Last but not least is the insanely luxurious home of Cameron Diaz, decorated by Kelly Wearstler. Each space in this home is truly original, but when Kelly Wearstler is your interior designer, you know that you're in for beautiful and unique decor. Cameron's feminine living room (shown below) is simply gorgeous! The blush colored grass cloth wallpaper makes a huge impact in this neutral space. 

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

One of the many wow factors in Cameron Diaz' home is all of the gilded surfaces and decor! This gold bathroom is unlike any other! Cameron's home achieves Hollywood Glamour with a contemporary spin, thanks to Kelly Wearstler.

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

Of all the rooms featured in Cameron Diaz' home tour, my favorite spaces are Cameron's unique master bathroom decorated with antiqued-mirror tiles and this gilded bedroom design (shown below). The ceiling in this bedroom is stunning! All of Kelly Wearstler's selections for Cameron's home draw you in and leave you wondering about the origin of each individual item in the design. Definitely a sign of great design! 

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

Elle Decor, Designer Kelly Wearstler, Photographer William Abranowicz

Which of these home tours suits your style best? Is it Jennifer Aniston's home, Jessica Alba's new home, or Cameron Diaz' beautifully decorated home?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fashion meets Interiors: with African-inspired fashion brand Zanjoo

Today is a great day for a Fashion meets Interiors feature! I'm so excited to be collaborating with Zanjoo today, a tribal inspired fashion brand with a stylish African twist. Today Zanjoo's founder, Peeqs, has styled an awesome outfit to go with this uniquely tribal interior design. Another fun fact is that the colorful geometric dresser shown in the interior design inspiration is actually from Australian brand The Family Love Tree, which was just featured in my post on boho-chic decorating. Definitely check out my boho-chic decorating post if you haven't yet because you'll want to know about the amazing shopping resources inside. Now back to Peeqs amazing styling! Her outfit is the PERFECT match for this colorful interior design inspiration!

Greetings, my name is Peeqs and it’s an absolute pleasure to grace Jacquin's beautiful blog! I am the founder along with my wonderful and super talented husband Mysterex of women's tribal inspired fashion brand named Zanjoo. We have 2 beautiful children and I also run a blog called Zanjoo-Moam with a combined social media following of well over 100,000 loyal readers. The blog is a fashion and lifestyle platform and a one stop shop showcasing wonderful fashion and cultural events from the black community, lifestyle tips and advice, head wrapping tutorials and my natural afro hair journey, plus more. 

The idea of Zanjoo was conceived when my husband and I, Mysterex, were discussing the need for a one stop shop that sells all things tribal inspired that would compliment the average young sistas' wardrobe, yet was affordable, great quality and available off the rack. Just over a year later that dream is now an amazing reality! Our store is online and we deliver worldwide. Recently we have done a number of pop-up shops with amazing feedback from customers of all races and ages who enjoy the beauty of African culture, which has been absolutley amazing to see.

The intersection between interior design and fashion... One great pattern, Two stylish looks!

The Family Love Tree (AU) editorial from Winkelen magazine.

It was so much fun playing dress up and having the challenge of styling an outfit inspired by a unique interior design! I utilized this interior design from Winkelen magazine as inspiration because I loved the how the geometric patterns and bright colours were balanced with the natural hanging décor and beautiful African looking vases. It reminded me of how at Zanjoo we try to blend our traditional culture with western aesthetics, pulling it all together with style! This interior design has done just that!

I've styled not one, but two great outfits based on this chic interior design. Both outfits feature a stunning geometric pattern to match the room's fun geometric furniture, specifically our "Geenigo" fabric. It's a perfect match! The Zanjoo Geenigo fabric trousers (and dress) I am wearing look just like the set of drawers. You may find it funny, but I even think my hair matches the space, because my hair looks just like the hanging wall decor featured! ;-) I am also wearing Zanjoo's corrugated golden necklace, which I love, and again looks like the shape of the decorative wall feature. I added an acid wash denim shirt along with a black bra for an edgy addition to my pants look. I also had fun adding complimentary nail polish and jewelry accessories. This is a playful and stylish look that works perfectly with the interior design!
There is something so special about dressing in clothing that you have not only designed, but also represents the wonderful, diverse colours and patterns that are associated with African culture.   -Peeqs, Zanjoo founder

Here's where you can find these great fashion selections! See below for the details.


If you're eager to find more beautiful, African-inspired fashions to add to your wardrobe then stop by Zanjoo to shop the latest. Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Digital Fine Art by Kimmy Hogan

Jacquin: What inspired you to start creating art full time?

Kimmy: I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years designing everything from logos to websites but I have always had an underlying passion for home interiors and art. I knew my skills in digital illustration could be the pathway to that industry by creating artwork for people’s homes.

Jacquin: Tell us about your process when creating artwork? How do you use graphic design and digital technology to create beautiful fine art?

Kimmy: My latest collections have has been largely influenced by my love for traditional oil paintings. My graphic design background has influenced my technique, but not my art itself. Whilst my art is digitally created, every line and curve is made with the stroke of my hand so it’s a very ‘hand-made’ process. I worked for many months to develop a technique to reinvent this ‘oil painting’ look in a digital way. My ‘Still Life’ collection focuses on a more traditional subject matter with flowers and vases, which came about after I raided the local florist and took loads of photos of different arrangements and compositions. The ‘Flat Lay’ collection was created when I started drawing random beautiful objects and started arranging them just as I would see a ‘flat lay’ in a magazine.

Jacquin: How has your love for interiors influenced your artwork?

Kimmy: I feel it has influenced me based on what is happening in my life. A couple of years ago when my first son was born I was designing more nursery-style artwork. Now I feel like my art has ‘grown up’ a lot and I want to make pieces that will bring a sense of home to any room.

Jacquin: What experiences and training have prepared you for your work as an artist today?

Kimmy: I would say my graphic design university degree prepared me for running a business which is a huge benefit to an artist – most artists don’t like the ‘business’ side of things! Creating art is something so fulfilling and rewarding but making a living out of it is completely different.

Jacquin: Has being a new mom changed anything about how you create artwork or inspired you in any new way?

Kimmy: Becoming a mummy has changed things a lot! I have basically structured the running of my business around their routines which was hard to put in place initially, but now is working very well. I don’t want to miss my babies growing up so I’m taking my new collection slowly and enjoying being a mummy. It’s very hard creatively though, especially when I have a new idea. I find that I just want to just lose myself creatively for 12+ hours and that is just not possible! But this time when the children are young is so fleeting, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Jacquin: What is inspiring you creatively right now?

Kimmy: I am very inspired by oil paintings for their beautiful messiness and painterly strokes. I have really tried to let my digital work go wild and not ‘neaten’ it up too much so you can see that human touch and the perfect ‘imperfectness’ of it. I could spend hours just scrolling through paintings on Pinterest!

Jacquin: What is one fun fact about yourself or one of your favorite hobbies when you aren't creating art?

Kimmy: I absolutely savour the weekends. My husband and I both work really hard so when the weekends come it’s all about family time. Our weekends usually involve a snuggle in bed with both boys then we set off with the double pram to our favourite local café for breakfast which has almost become a second home for us!

Kimmy Hogan's artwork would be a beautful addition to any home. Visit Kimmy's website to shop her latest creations. For a look behind the scenes, visit Kimmy's Instagram page. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

6 Chic Budget Coffee Tables + a life update!

If you're in the market for a new coffee table, but you don't want to spend a fortune, I have some fantastic selections for you! Before we get into these amazing coffee tables however, I want to give you a quick update on my life as of late. I'm excited to report that I've been selected as a new AOL Lifestyle Contributor! This means that you'll be able to find my blog features and editorials on the AOL website from time to time as the year goes on. Be sure to stop by the AOL Lifestyle Collective to see what's new! 

I have one other exciting entrepreneur update to share with you, as well. I've just returned from New Orleans where I participated in the Collision Conference for tech-startups. I was there representing Legal Equalizer, Inc., a company that I co-founded with an amazing team of 3 other people, including my husband. It was such an amazing experience to be able to pitch our company to high level investors.

Legal Equalizer is a cell phone app that records police encounters, should you be in one, and notifies 3 of your loved ones with your geo location. This cell phone app also educates citizens on their legal rights. Available for FREE on iTunes and the GooglePlay Store.
It is so important in a world where police encounters can turn violent at times to have your own evidence in such a circumstance. This app is also great for families with teenagers who drive because it notifies parents if their child has been stopped by the police. We have received such wonderful support of our app so far! The Collision Conference even selected us as an "Alpha Startup", allowing us direct access to investors. It was so encouraging as an entrepreneur to see that my businesses are really growing! If you're a beginning entrepreneur, I want to encourage you to keep pushing because your hard work will really pay off. And if you're considering taking the leap to entrepreneurship, you should totally go for it! (For aspiring entrepreneurs, definitely email me if you're looking for any encouragement or guidance. I'd love to help!

Now on to the budget-conscious goodies I promised you! These coffee tables all look far more expensive than their price tags, which always puts a little pep in my step. ;-) I think you'll be excited by these finds, too. Take a look at these six unique coffee tables, all under $300. Which one is your favorite?

1. Mara Coffee Table - $299 - Article. 
2. Bridgetown Coffee Table - $226.99 - All Modern 
3. Elana Bronze Coffee Table - $299.95 - Pier 1 
4. Aldridge Coffee Table - $244.50 - Home Decorators 
5. Mercury Row Coffee Table - $188.99 - All Modern 
6. Tribal Carved Coffee Table - $299.99 - World Market

My favorite is the Mara Marble Coffee Table (#1)! I love the combination of the marble with the dark, walnut wood. Do you think you'll give any of these coffee tables a try at home?

P.S. LAST CHANCE to register for the Novice Artist Challenge! *Only 3 spots left* Registration ends Friday, May 6th. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Whimsical wool felt throw pillows from the Netherlands - So fun!

If you enjoy a touch of fun and whimsy at home then you'll love today's feature on designer Mirelle of How About Frankie boutique pillow company. How About Frankie, which is based in the Netherlands, sells high quality, wool felt pillows in bright and cheerful colors. Learn more about this great brand below. 

Jacquin: What inspired you to start your pillow design business, How About Frankie?

Mirelle: I like to keep busy by redecorating my interiors and for some years I the desired to launch my own design business. With a pillow you can quickly transform your interiors to achieve a new look, that’s why I chose to start with making throw pillows.

Jacquin: What is your earliest memory of creating something you really love by hand? 

Mirelle: I think it was when I was about 6 years old when I received a kit to build my own DIY doll. When I finished I felt wonderful, realizing that the ideas in my head could be made with my hands.

Jacquin: How does life in the Netherlands influence your designs or inspire you?

Mirelle: Actually, I'm not specifically a Dutchman in regards to my design, but a citizen of the world. The influences that you see in my pillow designs are a combination of Memphis and Pop Art.

Jacquin: What are some of the differences between 100% wool felt and the varieties often found at the craft store?

Mirelle: Wool felt is made of pure, new wool from either European or South American sheep breeds and is a natural material, fully sustainable and of the highest quality. Wool felt is safe for children, in addition to being flame-resistant.

Jacquin: I learned that you operated another business of your own for over a decade before launching How About Frankie? What lessons and experiences from your former business have been helpful in building How About Frankie?

Mirelle: I have learned to listen to my heart and to only design products which I fully support, because I believe that love and passion is palpable in a product, especially hand-made products. 

Visit the How About Frankie website to see more of Mirelle's unique designs.