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Amara Blog Awards + "Shabby-Chic" with Chairish co.

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Hi everyone!  It's so nice to be chatting with you again today!  I have a tiny favor to ask you that will make a huge difference for me.  I'm nominated for an Amara Blog Award and I would be very grateful for your vote.  It's so easy too.  Pop over and vote now!  Just click here.  I truly appreciate it.  Thank you!!  Now back to your regularly scheduled post.  :-)

Chairish co. Shabby-Chic Challenge

I've been invited by Chairish, an online retailer for high-quality vintage furniture and decor, to participate in their Shabby-Chic Challenge.  Chairish even allows you to sell your vintage items through their website, which is fantastic. I was able to use any of the furniture and decor on their website to create a single e-design.  I must say that I saw many pieces that were very unique and special, which made this a pretty fun challenge!  

When it comes to shabby-chic, it's all about taking upcycled, vintage, and antique items and making them come together to create a chic and pleasant aesthetic.  The best thing about the shabby-chic decorating style, is that the look can really morph depending on your own personal style.  

Shabby-chic decorating tends to allow an individual's personal style and personality to shine through.  In fact, I think we can learn a lot about our style & preferences based on the type of pre-loved and antique furniture we select. When it comes to my style preferences for pre-loved & shabby-chic furniture, I must say it's all about originality and character.  Shopping at a place like Chairish is right up my ally because many of their furniture and decor items just simply cannot be found anywhere else.  So for me, I like to select the most original items, even with a few small dings because I believe this adds additional charm and character to a space.  

What you'll notice most about this shabby-chic challenge is that while I used primarily vintage pieces here, the room is far more chic than shabby.  This just goes to show you that shabby-chic doesn't have to be overly shabby, but can read more boho, rustic, ornate, or in my case today... a dose of mid-century modern!  Like what you see?  You can shop these Chairish finds below! 

Here are links to the FAB Chairish items in my design: 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Globetrotting in Style: Spain with style blogger Morgan Lillian

Hey there! I’m Morgan Lillian, fashion blogger and founder of the Morgan Lillian blog.  This Summer I had the pleasure of traveling all around Spain eating, drinking, and experiencing the unforgettable culture, and by that, I mean having the best time of my life.  Spain is really something else, and I am so excited to share my top places and spaces that are a must visit WHEN IN Rome SPAIN.  

1. CASA DELFIN - Paseo del Borne, Barcelona 

Casa Delfin is a local favorite, as it has classical appeal and traditional tapas dishes.  The location in Paseo del Borne is the perfect combination of nightlife and a non-touristic feel. Whether you are out on the patio or inside the restaurant, you really get the full experience of Spain through the older, traditional interior mixed with their exceptional version of tapas

If you go you must order the pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato) and the mussels!  I’m not one for mussels, but these made me rethink everything I have ever known. 

Style: Love this matching set from Mango (and if you're into fashion at all, you really must go).  It is the perfect outfit for going out.  You can find this set here.

2. Isla de Santa Clara - San Sebastian 

Hands down the best part of my trip!  This island is the perfect little escape from the mainland, not to mention you can buy sangria from a little stand right on the island.  It’s about a 7 minute boat ride to the amazing location that looks out toward the mainland.  And the crisp, blue water is the clearest blue you will ever see.  Mix that with lounging  back relaxing with a pitcher of sangria and you have yourself the most relaxing day ever.

Style: This off the shoulder romper by Topshop is light and airy, which was a must for this hot day in Spain. You can find it here

3. La Musa Restaurant - Madrid 

If I had to chose my favorite restaurant on this trip it would be La Musa.  It isn't your traditional Spanish food, but it has an array of different international cuisines. This trendy and welcoming restaurant is decorated with a mix of modern, rustic, and retro pieces creating a totally unique environment.  According to the locals, this restaurant is often visited by many of the movie stars in the area…so trust me, you wanna go. 

Style: Love this graphic dress! While this dress is no longer available, here is a similar one just as great.  

I felt as though I wore the perfect dress when I arrived at the restaurant.  The print seemed to flawlessly fit right in, not to mention it was perfect for walking around the rest of the day.  

These 3 places were only a small glimpse of just how great Spain really is.  The photos don’t even come close to doing Spain justice, meaning you will just have to go to experience the wonder for yourself.  If you have been to Spain, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Thank you for letting me share my amazing trip and I hope I've inspired you to think about your next vacation, destination: Spain! 


Morgan Lillian

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tips for Purchasing Appliances + a Home Tour!

I've had the pleasure of meeting many new people since blogging and Khristine Holterman of Revuu is one of these great people!  Khristine's website Revuu empowers consumers of high end home products & appliances to access reviews of these products from other home owners, designers and contractors in order to make informed decisions about products they will likely use every day. 

We all value the power of reviews for everything else we do from travel, professional services, and restaurants, and now is empowering consumers to access valuable reviews of items that are not available at big box stores.  These are just the specialty products that require a great deal of research and knowledge during the purchasing process. During my interview with Khristine, she shares valuable tips for selecting and purchasing big ticket appliances, along with a look inside of her well-designed home.  P.S. My favorite thing about this home tour is Khristine's fabulous lighting selections! Take a look!

Coffee Table (Century); Dark sofa: Lee Jofa; Chair: Lee Jofa; Tripod Table - Jonathan Adler; Biedermeier Sofa: antique; stools: antique. Ceiling Light: Custom from Omega Design in Berkely, CA

Vintage cabinet with white objects; John DiPaolo oil painting

Jacquin: What inspired you to establish your website and blog

Khristine: Revuu was inspired by my experience renovating my homes.  With our last remodel we had to renovate a century-old home- replacing all the windows, doors, plumbing and electrical and then finally decorate. When I started researching windows and doors in particular, I noticed there was no comprehensive site that provided reviews of any of these big ticket products.  I literally scoured the internet for days trying to determine if the windows my contractor wanted to use were in fact high quality and durable enough to withstand another century of use- but, to no avail.  Finding no resources for window and hardware reviews, I decided to build the website- after we completed the remodel!  

Lighting: imported blown glass lights from Czech republic

Jacquin: How would you describe your decorating style?

Khristine: My style is definitely eclectic or transitional- I love mixing antiques with modern pieces- especially the juxtaposition of modern art with antique furnishings.  I love to pick up special pieces when we travel and I adore books! When I see what I love, I know it, which makes it easy for me to make decisions, but it also means I tend to take my time finding what works.  I have been an avid follower of all things design, architecture and art for as long as I remember.

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home?

Khristine: My favorite space is the library, which was the first room I attempted to design on my own.  I found a Kelly Wearstler fabric (see below) and designed the room around it.  While the room is paneled in a darker wood, it is brightened by a huge window.  The yellow in the curtains and chairs makes a great contrast between light and dark.

Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar fabricChair: One Kings Lane (vintage); Lamp: Restoration Hardware; Table: antique

Jacquin: How was your experience decorating your home? Did you learn anything new?

Khristine: I learned long ago that this process is slow and requires enormous patience. Fortunately I’ve had help from interior designers, lighting designers and art professionals who have exposed me to great style and products.  With our current home I have enjoyed managing the process and making most of the post-renovation design decisions on my own.  I’ve learned that measuring, remeasuring and then measuring again is key!  With an old home we have some door openings that are much smaller than typical- I had a few pieces delivered that we could not get through the hallway door! 

Lighting: Paul Ferrante; Table: Tritter Feefer; Chairs: Custom

Jacquin: You've really made excellent decisions designing your home and it shows in your lovely home tour.  For readers embarking on a home renovation, which appliances do you recommend consumers put the most research into?

Khristine: It is a toss up between a built-in refrigerator and your range.  Both are the workhorses of the kitchen and both are important in everyday use.  Additionally, both can be extremely expensive!  Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, you do want to have a quality range in your home for resale value.  Of course the refrigerator is something even a non-cook uses every day.   Built-in units can be finicky and require quite a bit of maintenance so definitely know what you are getting into before you purchase.

Jacquin: Lastly, my most important question!  Any advice on selecting appliances for one's home that you'd like to share with the readers?

Khristine: Obviously my first advice is to check and if the item hasn’t yet been reviewed, then ask your friends for advice.  Check out their homes to see if they have the same brand and how it has held up both functionally and aesthetically. Check out showrooms to see the appliance in person- these are major purchases and you want to see, feel and test them before you make a decision. Once you’ve had experience with the product, be sure to post a Revuu on the site!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DIY Decor Round-up!

This DIY Decor Round-up is packed with unique projects to beautify your home!  I'd love to hear which one of these would you'd like to give a try?  I'm really loving the Copper & Wood Hanging Light (#1) and the Straw Hat Wall Clock (#8), but honestly they all look worth a try.  Nothing like a little do-it-yourself "eye candy" to get you inspired!

1. Copper & Wood Hanging Light - Vintage Revivals

3. Gold Dipped Bar Stools - Honey Bear Lane
4. Minimalist Dining Table - Amber Interior Design

5. Criss-Cross Accent Wall - Rain on a Tin Roof
6. Barn Door Tutorial - House Seven

7. Ikea Hack Upholstered Bunk Beds - Ashley Rachelle
8. Straw Hat Wall Clock - Monster Circus

Which of these DIY projects are you most excited about?

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Let's Hop Over to Paris!

As you all know by now, I love global perspectives so I'm always eager to present the life and style of fabulous bloggers from across the world.  I also love hearing from readers from all over the globe, which always makes my day!  I've been thrilled to find that my international readership is really exploding, so I must give a big thank you to all of the new international readers out there, as well as all of you existing subscribers.  THANK YOU!!  

I also want to give a big WELCOME to all of the new readers in Singapore, Russia, India, Sweden, Brunei, and the UAE! Please stop by and say hello in the comments when you get a chance and thanks again for reading!  While we're on the topic of international perspectives, let's hop over to France and take a peek inside this chic-meets-vintage Parisienne apartment, home to blogger Naelle of Once in Paris

Jacquin: It's so awesome that you've been living in Paris!  What brought you to Paris and how long do you think you will stay?

Naelle: I am both German and French, but I have been living in Paris since 2009 when I arrived for my final internship - and I never left. It is for me the most beautiful city in the world, there is so much to do and see, you have to live ten lives before leaving the city! 

I founded my blog Once, in Paris in November 2014 as I have been a fashion and design addict for years! I am a huge fan of vintage outfits and vintage decor, and since I bought my own apartment this year, I started to publish interior design articles on my blog too! 

Jacquin: How would you describe your personal 


Naelle: I love chic and elegant outfits that remind 

me of Parisienne women in the fifties and sixties. 

Heels are my mantra. 

Jacquin: How did you decorate your space?

Naelle: I wanted to combine antique pieces like a wooden fire place with vintage and scandinavian furniture.  Decoration is like fashion, it has to fit your personality and style.  I love when pieces seem to tell you a story and incarnate a particular decade! 

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home? 

Naelle: My favorite space is my living room, which is why I thought it would be the perfect room to share today.  It's where I spend most of my time to read, or drink tea or a glass of wine with friends.  My favorite piece? The teal scandianvian sofa, which I shopped via Drawer.frFor me, a sofa is like a dress: The key is to remember, everything else is just an accessory. 

Jacquin: I must ask about your favorite places in Paris to store away for my next trip.  What's your favorite Paris boutique right now? What's your favorite cafe or bar?

Naelle: Gosh, there are so many boutiques that I love in Paris, it is hard to chose! ClaudiePierlot, Les petites..., and then all the Vintage Stores in the Marais... My favorite bar however is definitely Le Ciel de Paris: Located on the very last floor of the Montparnasse Tower, you have a much better view from there, than from the Eiffel Tower, but only a few people know it! 

Jacquin: What makes Paris unique and special to you?

Naelle: Paris is the city of never ending surprises! Wherever you go, you will discover something new, something historical, something beautiful.  History is everywhere - You can literally feel it - the presence of George Sand, Coco Chanel, Simonde de Beauvoir...  Also, it is such an elegant city, where you are never overdressed.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

8 Ways to Hang A Tapestry at Home... A How-To

If you own a tapestry that needs hanging, or are planning to buy one, I guarantee you one of these 8 methods will work for displaying your tapestry as lovely wall art.  I give you step by step instructions, so this is definitely a post you'll want to save... However, our website has moved! Read the full tapestry post with 8 great techniques explained here: 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Globetrotting in Style - Dallas!

So I mentioned that I have an announcement this weekend and here it is.  I'm introducing a NEW series today titled "Globetrotting in Style"!  This series will follow bloggers on their excursions while sharing their favorite activities in a city, along with a taste of their personal style.  I'm looking forward to showcasing my own travels as this series develops, as well.  

In other news, I moved to Dallas this week!  I'm so excited about my transition to The Lone Star State. I've lived all over, including abroad, and I must say that I'm glad to be back in Dallas.  The land of cowboy boots (and a lower cost of living), has welcomed me warmly already!  I thought it would be nice to celebrate my big move by featuring Dallas, Texas in my inaugural Globetrotting in Style post.  Today, Jaclyn Mittman of Pretty Petals blog shows us her 3 favorite hot spots in Dallas.  Jaclyn has a fresh perspective on Dallas, having moved from Southern California over a year ago.  You'll definitely want to visit Jaclyn's local gems the next time you're in Texas.  Let's jump into Jaclyn's three top place to visit in Dallas...

When I moved to Dallas from Southern California a little over a year and a half ago, I set out to find the best restaurants and shops in Dallas. And while I've found some incredible spots, there are a few that I continuously return to for both their beautiful decor and exquisite menu. These are my top 3 spots in Dallas.

This is one of my favorite spots in Dallas. The minimal interior feels very "California cool" so I automatically feel right at home. From the subway tile wall, to the tufted, black leather couch. I could sit and drink juice and coffee all day.

  • What to Order: Almond Cappuccino
  • Favorite Feature: Artwork by local artist Wheron

Shirt | Shorts | Flats | Bag | Sunglasses

This adorable little outdoor bar has a great selection of drinks as well as light snacks. I love that they have picnic blankets available if you want to sit on the lawn on a sunny day or play some outdoor activities such as volleyball and bocce ball. It's also pet friendly which is a huge plus!

  • What to Order: Basil Hayden Ice Cream Float
  • Favorite Feature: Planter Wall

The Foundry and Chicken Scratch was one of the first places I discovered when moving to Dallas and it quickly became a favorite. Technically a bar/lounge and restaurant combined, The Foundry is an indoor and outdoor bar with a very rustic meets industrial feel, and Chicken Scratch is the actual restaurant. The cutout storage containers as shaded seating at The Foundry is one of my favorite features and the stage made completely from pallets is quite impressive. I love that you have the option to sit inside or outside as well.

  • What to Order: Chicken and Coconut Waffle (two words - chili syrup)
  • Favorite Feature: Cactus Garden and Rustic Barn

Shirt | Shorts | Flats | Bag | Sunglasses

Jaclyn's Dallas hot spot selections are pretty awesome!  I must say that I'm really getting excited about exploring Dallas now.  I didn't get a chance to explore much during my short stint living here a few years ago, so it's overdue. Thanks for the inspiration, Jaclyn!  You can follow Jaclyn's latest adventures on her blog, Pretty Petals. 

I'm looking forward to bringing you another Globetrotting in Style post this Fall.  Next up will be Spain!  But until then, stop by and say hello on the comments if you're a Dallas (or Texas) area blogger.  I'd love to get to know you!