Monday, September 19, 2016

Sister Golden Boutique: Flower Prints & Boho-Chic Decor

Online boutique Sister Golden is one of my exciting recent finds. Their flower prints are cheerful and inspirational and their global home decor has a great, boho-chic vibe. I've interviewed the mother-daughter duo operating Sister Golden for today's feature, Vicki and Brooke Rawlins. Vicki Rawlins is the creative artist behind these fun floral prints! Learn more about this duo below.

Jacquin: How did Sister Golden come about? What inspired your brand's name?

Brooke: My goal has always been to own a small boutique of my own where I could decorate the bare walls with my mom’s (Vicki's) art and represent other up and coming artists and makers. About 2 years ago we came to the conclusion that there’s really no time like the present, but because we lived in different states, whatever we did needed to start in cyberspace. So, I took the domain name from my old blog, “Sister Golden”, and we started working out the details. Looking back, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment we said “let’s do it”. The inspiration was really just the urge that we needed to make it happen in whatever way we could. What SG has naturally evolved into is a great representation of what we both bring to the table in terms of interests and abilities.

The name Sister Golden was inspired by America's Song "Sister Golden Hair". My dad has called both myself and my mom that for years, so we just kind of naturally gravitated to it. 

(Left) Palm Boob Pot (Right) Cool Dots Senegal Basket

(Left) Azila Boucherouite Pillow (Right) Cusco Manta Pillow

Jacquin: You sell such beautiful artwork and home accessories! I love your vintage kilim throw pillows. Has sourcing these vintage items led to any exciting excursions or flea market visits?

Brooke: It's crazy how much business can be handled online - from sourcing items to running an entire shop. We have relationships with families across the world who help us source things like our vintage pillows. Most of that is done by looking through hundreds of images and carefully choosing the pieces we'd like. We also try to get to as many handmade fairs, trade shows, and antique shops as we can. We would love to eventually take a trip to Turkey or Morocco ourselves to source in person. That would be incredible and is definitely a goal of ours.

Jacquin: One of my favorite items you sell are your Flower Prints! I actually just decorated a space in a client's home using your "Pink Frida" print. The client loved it! How did you begin creating your flower prints? What inspired you? What do you enjoy most about creating with flowers?

Vicki: I've been a professional artist for over 35 years, but just started working with foliage a year and a half ago! I had seen some foliage art floating around Instagram and told Brooke, I had to try it. I'm a "master gardener wanna be" as a hobby, so it wasn't a real stretch to start working flowers into my art as a medium! We put my first piece up on our Instagram feed and it got a wonderful response! But truly it didn't matter, I was addicted from my first piece!

I fell in love with foliage art for its sustainable and therapeutic qualities. Every piece is foraged from Mother Nature. No glue, tape or anything else is ever used to adhere the foliage to a surface, so the pieces of foliage and flowers are just delicately balancing on one another until I get the look I want. Once photographed it all goes back into Mother Nature or sometimes I'll keep little bits for future pieces!

"Pineapple" Flower Print by Vicki Rawlins

Jacquin: What would you like to learn to create next, Vicki?

Vicki: Painting and drawing have always been my first love. But I would love to learn more about ceramics and metal work! I love working with textiles and have always wanted to design my own tiles and make my own metal garden sculptures. Someday, there's just not enough hours in a day!!

"She Wore White" Flower Print by Vicki Rawlins

Jacquin: What's in store for Sister Golden as your business grows? What are you most looking forward to as a creative company? 

Brooke: A brick and mortar has always been a goal, with a gallery-type space to feature Vicki's flower art prints in person. Each day, we can see that dream a little bit clearer. I know Vicki is constantly pushing herself with flowers and when I think her creations just can't get any better, I'm always reminded to think again. All in all, we're excited to keep challenging each other to see how our unique strengths ultimately manifest!

Owners of Sister Golden: Vicki Rawlins (left) and daughter Brooke Rawlins.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Design Love: The Warren Platner Chair

The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, via Ish & Chi

You may have seen this modern and eye catching chair across the interior design world lately and that's because it's pretty amazing. This is one of those stunning designs that have stood the test of time, and remains a flawless addition to a space. The Platner Chair is the design work of architect, interior designer, and furniture designer Warren Platner who released this unique chair design in 1966. This chair works well in mid-century modern interiors, contemporary interiors, and any interiors with a fun, eclectic feel and that's why this chair is my eye-candy of the day. 

Designed by Jonathan Adler via Dwell

Modern French apartment via Vogue Living Austrilia

Home of designer Jayme Armour of Atlanta via myDomaine, Photography Sarah Dorio

Designers John Wooden and Dustin Dorr via Luxe.

What do you think of the Warren Planter Chair? I must say that I quite like it! This gorgeous chair was also in the recent home tour of model Marisa Howard, featured here on Interiors by Jacquin. Take a look at how Marisa styled this iconic chair in her dining room. (P.S. This home tour is filled with amazing artwork!) You can purchase your own Platner Armchair here or go for the wider Platner Lounge Chair for a space like the bedroom. You'll love it! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bloggers at Home: Elegant home tour with pops of Pink

I'm pleased to present the elegant and stylish home of blogger Alicia Wood of The Lush List today. Alicias' blog is home to the latest fashion and amazing home cooking and recipes. You'll definitely want to learn more about this style blogger, mom, and home chef extraordinaire. Take a look at my recent chat with Alicia and her stunning home tour. 

Jacquin: Hi Alicia! What can people expect from your blog, the Lush List?

Alicia: Thanks for having me today Jacquin! The Lush List is a lifestyle blog focused on Style, Food & Entertaining, Clean Beauty, Travel and Design.  I am truly a “List Maker“ and I'm always being asked by others for my ideas and lists, so The Lush List blog is where I share them with everyone.

Jacquin: Being that you come from a long line of cooks, do you garner a lot of inspiration from the recipes you've grown up with when creating recipes to share on your blog?

Alicia: Some of my earliest memories are in the kitchen with my mom or one of my great-grandmothers. Every holiday we went to Arkansas to see family, and food was always the centerpiece – both preparing it and sharing it. One special recipe we make every holiday are these angel rollsWe’ve even adapted them to be gluten-free to be able to continue to enjoy them. My great-grandmother baked a lot and I think of her every time I make a pie. This rustic apple galette is my favorite recipe to make and I think she’d like it very much.

Jacquin: As a foodie, if you could only eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner food for the rest of your life––which meal type would you choose?

Alicia: This is so hard for me! Anyone who knows me very well, knows I love a good soup. I could truly have it for every meal. This Watermelon Gazpacho is a favorite. I have actually eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It also makes a great appetizer. However, I do also love a great steak with Green Eggs and a glass of Cabernet.

Alicia Wood's Watermelon Gazpacho. Get the recipe here!

Jacquin: What attracts you to certain types of fashion? Where is your favorite place to find fashion that matches your personal style?

Alicia: I realized a long time ago that I love classic style in both fashion and interiors. I’m only 5’2” tall and crazy trends seem to wear me, so I learned how to style my body best. Well-tailored pieces seem to prevent me from appearing so small. Friends are always surprised when talk moves around to height…great heels don’t hurt, either. Grace Kelly, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Kate Middleton, Amal Clooney and Olivia Palermo are women whose style resonates with me.  Because we are such a busy household, I do most of my shopping online, which allows me to find great deals on my favorite designers. Some of my favorite stores are Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, J.Crew, Saint Bernard, Veronica Beard, and Tory Burch. I love the style and vibe at these stores each season. One of the great things about The Lush List is that you’ll always find sale round ups and notices of sales on my blog, simply because I love a good deal!

Jacquin: How is your personal style reflected in your home's decor?

Alicia: It would be a tie between my kitchen and my master suite. My kitchen is one of my favorite spaces in my home. We remodeled our home about 2 years ago. I was able to completely start over and create these rooms for the way we live. Every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen was designed for the way I cook. I have a huge refrigerator because with our food allergies, I don’t use much packaged or dry goods and it’s always full with fresh fruits and veggies. My favorite element is the huge white marble island that is always full of cooking prep and someone doing homework or eating a snack. The breakfast area features one of my great-grandmother’s dining tables that I had refinished. The Hermes scarf was a gift from my husband that I only wore a few times. After we remodeled, I was looking for art for this wall. I had always wanted a vintage Hermes scarf to frame. When I realized it was the exact color of my chair cushions, I wasted no time having it framed. It is such a happy room that really pops with my signature pink!

The master is calming and serene. A great escape from the world. I wanted lots of white and shimmering details. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out. The monogrammed chair at my dressing table and the fretwork on the built-in cabinets are my favorite details…and the two chandeliers!

JacquiYou menn: tioned on your "About me" page that you go overboard for birthday parties. Share a story with me, please!

Alicia: I love birthday parties! There is nothing better than celebrating someone’s special day. A few years ago, my middle daughter requested a Nancy Drew Party for her 8th birthday. I created clue invitations that set the tone for a missing puppy mystery. The clues were hidden all over our home and yard. The girls each had a notebook to collect the clues that were written in crazy ways: backward to be read in a mirror, with invisible ink and in code. It was so fun to watch them work together to solve the mystery! Party favors were inspired by Nancy Drew mystery #8.

My youngest daughter loves the color blue so I created a Bluealicious (think Pinkalicious) party for her. I had special decorations designed to match the invitations, games with blue prizes and everyone wore blue, too! The candy buffet was her favorite because I found so many different nut free and gluten free candies and popcorn for her to choose from! That is a true dream come true for a food allergy kid!

I have always made my girls birthday cakes and love to create their vision. My favorite cake was a Frozen themed cake with white and blue rock-candy towers making Elsa’s castle. Baked Alaska is a tradition for my oldest daughter who wants to run the Iditarod one day!

Jacquin: Where is the most extraordinary place your wanderlust has taken you?

Alicia: My husband and I love to travel. For our 20th anniversary, we decided to go literally halfway around the world and spend time in the Maldives. He loves to surf and I love blue water and white sand, so this was the perfect spot for both of us. Because we have a busy household with three girls ranging in age from 15 to 8, I have used a pallet of calming colors of whites, grays and blues, similar to the ocean, throughout our home. I also love a bit of the unexpected, so I’ve used a pop of fuchsia throughout... from art, accessories to flowers, I like to keep it fun! My husband is ok with it though because he has “his” study in a darker, more masculine color palette of gray and blue.

Photo of blogger Alicia Wood vacationing in the Maldives. 

Jacquin: How has blogging and founding The Lush List influenced your life so far?

Alicia: I think the biggest influence the blog has had on me is to continue to push me to learn new techniques and recipes to share with others. My readers inspire me with their questions and suggestions. The Lush List has certainly enhanced my life and I hope it inspires others for many years to come.

Photos by Mary Summers-Hafner and Aaron Doughtery

Monday, September 5, 2016

Unique & Inspiring Furniture Design From Dubai's Khalid Shafar

Illusion Pearl Chair designed by Khalid Shafar. 

Since the launch of this eponymous brand in 2010, Emirati designer Khalid Shafar has been focused on bringing a truly international flavor to an aesthetic born in UAE's desert nation. Quitting his corporate role in marketing and communications, Shafar followed his passion in design and has built a furniture and lighting d├ęcor line that presents his experiments with shapes, motifs and forms borrowed from his home country. While wood remains the predominant base for most of his designs, the signature pieces from his line include materials such as marble, textiles, metal and locally sourced leather. Traditional crafts from the region are expressed through his work in elements such as palm leaf weaving and reinterpretation of the egal, the black headband from men’s traditional Keffiyeh attire.

Octa Dress vanity set with vanity table, mirror, and stool by Khalid Shafar.

Among his furniture collections is the ‘Decohaus’ collection, inspired by the international design movements of Art Deco and Bauhaus of the 1920s. The collection reinterprets local materials, in this case camel leather, and combines it with the octagon shape found in Middle Eastern and Islamic designs. The range features items such as the ‘Octa Dress’, a vanity table designed on a modular system with side drawers handcrafted from leather.

2:4 Seats Collection by Khalid Shafar.

Another limited edition collection is ‘Puzzle’, which features three unique editions of handmade wool rugs woven in Afghanistan.

“These were designed by me and woven in collaboration with FBMI (Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative), a social initiative dedicated to provide women in Afghanistan with employment and to offer them and their families critical social services in healthcare and education,” explains Shafar. 

Puzzle Collection of wool rugs by Khalid Shafar.

The collection’s puzzle design is inspired by the patterns, which allow any two or all three rugs from the collection to come together and form a large piece. The collaboration with FBMI also involved contributions in design by the Afghani weavers who chose variations of the ‘mauri gul’ motif, which is typically woven by nomads in Afghanistan's western province of Herat.

Talli Collection of rugs & wall hangings by Khalid Shafar.

A new carpet collection created with FBMI will be launched by Shafar during the upcoming Dubai Design Week this October 2016. Looking ahead, he aims to continue his experiments with recreating signature patterns in three-dimensional forms. There are multiple collaborations with lighting installations and homeware designs on the horizon as well. “I would like to focus on my furniture line and working with multiple silhouettes and patterns. Early next year I am looking to launch a new collection, which has already been developed and is at the prototyping stage,” says Shafar.

Furniture designs from Khalid Shafar career from 2010-Present.

This article was written by journalist Manika Dhama, featured here on Interiors by Jacquin in 2015. I am so glad Manika brought my attention to this world-class designer. Khalid Shafar's designs are quite impressive. My favorite designs from Shafar include his gorgeous 'Illusion Pearl Chair' and 'Octa Dress' vanity, both shown above. We look forward to seeing Shafar's new collection of rugs this October 2016, which will be launched during Dubai Design Week.!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Fine Art Photographer Alma Haser

Copyright Alma Haser 

I have an amazing contemporary photographer to share with you today. It's fine art photographer Alma Haser and I must say that I am loving her portraits. I was drawn in by the creativity and curiosity behind her work, which I'm sure you'll notice right away. Alma was born into an artistic family in Black Forest, Germany and she specializes in carefully constructed portraiture that creatively deconstructs the human face. Alma's portraitry catches the eye and captivates the mind.

Alma's collection "The Eureka Effect" is one of my favorites. The images above are from The Eureka Effect where Alma creates layers to the human face in unexpected ways, from layering plants, flowers, and abstract paint elements unto the human face, distorting the identity of the subject. Alma Haser's work is truly vibrant yet mysterious at the same time, indeed the mark of a great artist.

"Cosmic Surgery" is another recent collection of Alma Haser in which she creates portraits with unique, origami overlays which become a central feature of the portrait. This is such a fun and interesting collection. I love Alma's name for this collection too. "Cosmic Surgery" is one of those genius titles that explains what cannot be put into words. You simply have to see the photographs. 

Copyright Alma Haser

Alma Haser has additional collections on display on her website that are definitely worth checking out. I am really looking foward to seeing what this artist creates next. Visit for more information on this fine art photographer. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fashion meets Interiors: featuring Style Blogger Morgan Lillian

It's time for my favorite series, Fashion meets Interiors, and today I'm featuring style blogger Morgan Gaston of blog Morgan Lillian. If you recognize Morgan, it may be because this is Morgan's second feature on Interiors by Jacquin. You can check out her previous guest post where Morgan explores Spain here. (She was a brunette back then!) It's great inspiration for your next European vacation itinerary. Now let's get back to Morgan's summer-fresh outfit inspired by this earthy & bold interior design. I must say that I love the mustard yellow shade of Morgan's dress! Great color for our current transition from Summer to Fall.  

Hi  loves! My name is Morgan Lillian and I do that whole blogging thing over at where my niche includes fashion trends, lifestyle, and travel. I'm based here in Seattle, Washington, a notoriously cloudy and misty place except during the summer, when it's the most beautiful place in the country. Summers here truly make the rest of the year worth it. Less clothes, happy vibes, and being able to go downtown and sit on a patio somewhere sipping on a colorful drink are the reasons I live for summer (and live in Seattle!). When it comes to fashion, summer dressing brings the fun, color and creativity back into your wardrobe, as go-to winter shades like blacks and greys get pushed to the back of the closet. Bold shades like yellows, pinks, and oranges emerge, making summer the perfect time for style creativity.

47 Park Avenue (UK) via Tobu Designer

Looking at this interior, I was drawn in by the cool tones mixed with the leather couch. While the couch is mostly a distressed brown, there are some yellow undertones that I love which is where this yellow mustard dress was inspired. In further inspiration of this great room, I added a statement necktie with the colors white, blue, and mustard to pull everything together. Not to mention that a necktie is a chic way to bring your silk scarves into your summer wardrobe. My necktie today is prominent but allows the dress to stand alone, just as the leather couch stands alone, but not in solidarity.


Learn more about Morgan over at her blog or visit her Instagram page. Until next time... Ciao!