Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Designer Spotlight: A chat with Caroline Cecil Textiles of Los Angeles

In a world of beautiful textiles and patterns I find myself wondering about how these fabrics and unique designs are manufactured. Today our designer spotlight lands on Caroline Cecil of Caroline Cecil Textiles. Caroline shares her creative motivation with us and an inside perspective on more traditional textile production methods. She has also been involved in some exciting community initiatives, which we chat about below. Follow along as Caroline's gives Interiors by Jacquin readers a peek at her newest collection called 'Balinesia'.

Jacquin: How has working in textile design pushed you creatively?

Caroline: I’ve spent the past 11 years of my career learning about all of the different ways you can put patterns onto things--from fabric to towels to rugs to shower curtains to wrapping paper and everything else in between. Throughout the process I’ve learned many different techniques and applications which have pushed me to evolve creatively. The limitations that arrive based on the selected printing method have really pushed me to be more creative in my approach. For example, with screen printing the more color we print, the more expensive it becomes. So within these confines we find ways to create gorgeous single color prints that still provide depth, texture, and narrative.

Jacquin: Tell us about your journey launching your brand, Caroline Cecil Textiles. What has been the hardest part?

Caroline: I wanted to have my own company ever since I was a little girl. My grandmother was a watercolor artist and made a living selling her paintings at a time when it was very unusual for women to be independent and have their own business. My father was also an entrepreneur who started many businesses throughout his life, those experiences are at the foundation of why I always wanted to launch a brand.

I’d say the hardest part of launching Caroline Cecil Textiles was the process of building something from scratch. The journey of bringing something to life that starts in your head and turn it into a full fledged business that includes a sales team, products, sampling, an online presence and operations has been overwhelming at times. The hardest part is the balancing act that’s required once the company starts coming to life. Managing competing priorities like product development and branding while always keeping long-term goals that support growth in mind requires constant learning and strategizing.

Caroline Cecil's sketches for textile designs.

Jacquin: What's an average day like for you, Caroline?

Caroline: In the morning I always try to take time to make breakfast for my husband as well as play with our little Pomeranian and Chihuahua. After that it’s off to the races - answering emails, reading industry news and outlining the focus for the day ahead. Lately the team and I have been expanding our showroom presence, so a lot of my days have been spent outlining which designs are going into what showrooms, overseeing production, coordinating shipping with our Operations Lead, and talking with our PR team at REVELE. I also spend a great deal of time looking at the travel calendar and supporting brand growth through online marketing. My days are predominantly left brained, so I always carve out time to paint or cook or do something creative to balance things out. I find that time to be SO important.

Caroline's fluffy dog in front of her vibrant textile design.

Jacquin: I love that you worked helping budding young creatives through Designer Camp. It really sounds like a fantastic program for the youth. How was your experience? What do you think the kids who participated got out of it?

Caroline: I absolutely loved collaborating with Designer Camp and look forward to doing it again next year! The founders of Designer Camp are very hands-on and they were so supportive of my ideas for the textile workshop. It was the first time they ever had a textile designer participate in the program and it was exciting to see how interested students were in the new category. Textile design is something most people don’t think of when you’re asked what you want to be when you grow-up. Considering how did that pattern get on that shirt is not something young artists usually think about. This is one of the reasons I love mentoring young people who are discovering it for the first time. I am so happy to have the chance to give back to the creative community as I remember how important it was for me when I was growing up. I still remember the influential people and artists who really inspired me to explore my creative voice. It’s great to have a chance to do that for today’s youth.

Jacquin: How have you utilized your local creative community as you've grown your business?

Caroline: Los Angeles is an incredible place to own a company and design a product because it offers many different kinds of resources. Being around so many creative people every day has offered a lot of inspiration. Los Angeles has a very expressive and visual community. People put a great deal of thought into how they present themselves and I find that to be very inspiring. In addition, I have the pleasuring of knowing a vast network of manufacturers who constantly inspire me. Being in Los Angeles has given me the opportunity to see the manufacturing process across many different industries which i find completely fascinating. My line of fabrics simply wouldn’t exist without the people who print our fabrics and sew our samples and I truly value those partnerships.

Caroline Cecil painting an original textile design.

Jacquin: What is one thing about about the textile design process from production to marketing that many people may not know about, or may be surprised by?

Caroline: I think people would be surprised by the amount of labor involved in producing a line of textiles. Fabric doesn’t weave or knit itself! While machines have industrialized the process, it’s still a very tactile manufacturing process. At Caroline Cecil Textiles, we work with artisans to produce our line. Most of our ground cloths are imported from Belgium and come from a mill that has been weaving linen for centuries. Our designs are then hand printed onto the linen at our printing facility in San Francisco. The process takes a very long time and it’s a very old fashioned way to print fabric, but I believe it yields the most beautiful quality, one that mass manufacturing simply cannot match. In general, most people probably don’t think about fiber content or weave structure or whether or not something was yarn-dyed. I think most of the world of textiles would be surprising to people!

Caroline Cecil textile swatches from her 'Balinesia' collection.

Jacquin: What's on your life bucket list?

Caroline: I’ve always dreamt of traveling the world and documenting the different textile process from different cultures. For a few years now I’ve wanted to tour different mills across the world-- lace making and the Chanel textile factory in France, linen production in Belgium, block printing in India, indigo dyeing in Japan, back-strap weaving in Guatemala. I’d love to document the process and make it into a video series and coffee table book!

Shop Caroline's 'Balinesia' textile collection and more on her website Caroline Cecil Textiles.

Monday, December 5, 2016

5 Makers of Hand-Painted Wallpaper for Every Style

Calico hand painted wall paper featured. 

I have a great post in store for you today, but before I get into these amazing hand-painted wallpapers I want to share two exciting announcements. I've been interviewed by Reader's Digest as their interior decor expert for their recent feature 18 Holiday Decorating Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making. Check out this article for pitfalls to avoid and off-the-beaten path holiday decorating ideas inspired by me. Also, HouseSeek Australia has honored me with their Top Interior Design Blog Award! Thank you to HouseSeek for this great news and great honor. 

If you've been searching for something more original for your wall coverings, it doesn't get more original than hand-painted wallpaper. The customizations are endless and you can really hone in on a design that truly matches your style, interior, and preference. Here are 5 great resources for hand-painted wallpaper to suit every style. 

1. For the metallic lover - Calico 
What I like about Calico... Calico's gold and silver hand-painted wallpapers all of a luxe feel helping to create that resort vibe at home. I also love their ombre linen wallpapers, also hand-painted and shown below.

2.  Going for avant-garde? - Voutsa
What I like about Voutsa... Voutsa's wall coverings are seriously bold and they will paint anything you want on there.. really, anything so this is the perfect brand for the more adventurous style maven and creative types. 

3. For the texture lover - Vahallan
Why I like about Vahallan... Vahallan's wallpapers incorporate familiar textures in innovative ways bringing in elements from nature, arts & craft, and industrial materials into their designs. There are even more exciting wallpaper textures on the Vahallan website.

4. Looking for bold patterns in soothing shades? - Sarkos
What I like about Sarkos... Sarkos offers a dreamy selection of hand-painted wall coverings in a wide range of intricate patterns, while still executing designs that are serene and soothing. These bold patterns are expertly crafted in neutral shades to add something special to your space without competing with your current decor. 

5.  Chinoiserie dreams? - Griffin & Wong
What I like about Griffin & Wong... Griffin & Wong's gorgeous hand-painted wallpapers have a light and whimsical feel that may just bring an extra dose of sunshine to your day. If you're new to Chinoiserie as a design style or you're looking for more Chinoiserie inspiration, check out my recent post on Chinoiserie for more. 

Hand-painted wallpapers are certainly the epitome of home decor luxury, but that should go as no surprise with the custom nature of hand-painted wall coverings. However, if you're feeling motivated to give hand-painted wallpapers a try but want to do it on a budget, try this tutorial for DIY hand-painted wallpaper at home. The result looks extremely professional and it just may quell your desire for this luxury look until you're ready to try one of these amazing wallpaper designers. For those of you ready to take the leap, luxe hand painted wallpaper from one of these 5 designers will not disappoint. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter Decorating Deal with Interiors by Jacquin & My latest work

I hope your holiday season has been off to a lovely start. I thought I'd take today to show you some of what I've been working on this season. My signature decorating style is warm and contemporary with artful pops of color and I love when clients allow me to use bold colors in their interior designs. The designs I'm sharing with you today definitely have a healthy dose of color and illustrate that you don't have to go overboard with color to have a huge impact. With a few carefully curated pops of color I can accomplish transforming your space with an artful edge. If you like what you see, you're in luck! I'm offering a special discount for in-home decorating and e-design services for the month of December 2016! I now offer personal shopping as a new service, as well.

Here's the deal!

Now back to what I've been working on lately...

First up is a client located in the Dallas, TX region who wanted their entire home decorated by Interiors by Jacquin. I convinced them to included this saturated, rich blue in their living room design which has turned this family into certified color-lovers! I matched this deep blue with an accent wall in their dining room, as well. This is just a sampling of my recent work but some great examples of what I can do to transform a client's home.  

Living room design by Interiors by Jacquin.

Next up is a client out of Washington, DC who wanted a space that expressed her creativity yet had a sophisticated feel. I'll be sharing her living room design with you later this winter, but I thought you'd love to see her colorful bathroom design in the meantime. 

Bathroom design by Interiors by Jacquin.

If your home could use a decorating re-fresh consider hiring Interiors by Jacquin for interior design services. My December deal really makes getting started easy. My services include space planning, furniture & decor selection, lighting & paint selection, fine art guidance, window treatment selection and more. Allow me to transform you home!

Interested in e-design services, personal shopping, or in-home decorating? 
Inquire via email here

Monday, November 21, 2016

Colorful Hand-Woven Furniture from 'A Rum Fellow' Design Studio

'A Rum Fellow' design studio project for a Soho Hotel, featuring their textiles on a custom headboard.

If you've been reading this blog for a while then you know that I love woven and embroidered accents, whether that's an amazing embroidered top or a truly unique piece of upholstered furniture showcasing a stunning woven design. A Rum Fellow design studio is crafting cutting edge woven and embroidered textile designs for furniture and home decor accessories, bringing contemporary energy to this traditional craft. I am loving their unique approach to upholstered furniture! Hand-weaving and embroidery is the key to making each piece of A Rum Fellow furniture feel truly special. 

Whaley Chair, Copii brocade and linen 

Kurt Olsen Lounge Chair #31

One of the best things about decorating with embroidered and hand-woven decor is that you can't go wrong whether you're selecting a bright and bold color palette or a more neutral palette. The textures in embroidered and woven designs pop regardless of the colors used, making even the most neutral embroidered designs shine. Check out this stunning neutral living room featuring a sofa upholstered in A Rum Fellow hand-woven textiles. 

A Rum Fellow design studio project for a Country Home. 

Brocade and ikat Kai Kristiansen Chairs

A Rum Fellow design studio project for Crosby Street Hotel.

I also can't get enough of A Rum Fellow's unique headboard designs, each featuring a different textile from their studio. However, my absolute favorite piece from A Rum Fellow is this amazing multicolored armchair designed for a home in Provence. A Rum Fellow is quickly becoming one of my (many) new favorite brands!

A Rum Fellow design studio project for a home in Provence.

A Rum Fellow is a London-based design studio founded by Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O'Shea focusing on hand-woven textile designs. This great team crafts textile and furniture designs that effortlessly blends the contemporary with heritage design, all from a unique global perspective.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fashion meets Interiors: featuring Style Blogger Danielle Jackson

Hi  Dolls! I am Danielle Jackson the editor-in-style of my fashion and lifestyle blog – Where Style Has Purpose! Dani-DK is a place for women who are looking to turn the conventional upside down and explore their most creative side through style, beauty and life experience. A great space to ask questions and feel inspired!

This fall I’ve gravitated towards rich hues and sleek lines. From gold’s to forest green, nature has truly inspired the collections that I shop. I’ve always loved dark walls but have never lived in a home where I’ve been bold enough to paint an accent wall so this olive and navy blue room really spoke to me.

Rich colors can liven any look. Rich shades effortlessly take you look from basic to bold and add a luxe, well-made feel to your outfit regardless of the true price point. For this look, I pulled together pieces that I’ve purchased over the years. My pants relate back to the clean lines that I’ve been obsessed with this season and I paired it with a sleek lace camisole layered with a blazer and long vest for a bold and interesting look.

As we all know colors speak volumes! There’s nothing like a bright or bold color to lift your mood. The green found in this look is considered a “bridge color” where it creates a great balance between all other colors. So just like the olive green sofa featured achieves grounding this interior, the rich green in my own look effortlessly pulls together my printed blazer and fur stole. Earthy green shades are grounding and powerful, making it a fab color palette to explore with your wardrobe this season.


1. Pants: H&M (similar here)
2. Camisole: H&M
3. Blazer: Rachel Roy (similar here)
4. Vest: H&M (Color: Ivory Sand)

Follow the adventures of NYC Image Consultant and style blogger Danielle Jackson on Instagram and Facebook. Check out more of the Fashion meets Interiors series here!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Home Tour with Artist Kristin Poh - of Australia's 'Hues & Fables'

Artist Kristin Poh of Australia in front of her "Voyage" art print.

Artist Kristin Poh of Australia is the founder of creative business Hues & Fables, an art studio producing unique art prints for cheerful home interiors. Kristin shares with how she uses Hues & Fables art prints to decorate her own home.

"Melange No. 2" art print shown.

Jacquin: What got you started in art prints? Have you always known you wanted to be an artist?

Kristin: I was quite imaginative as a child, and I enjoyed doing creative things like drawing and coloring, so I knew pretty early on that I wanted to do something creative when I grew up. My interests saw me completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and then spending the following ten years working in the creative field. I enjoyed what I did thoroughly. When I had my daughter Olivia, I took some time off to embrace motherhood. It was during this time that I started to create art prints for our home and in particular for Olivia's room.

I have always loved interior decorating, so I really enjoyed creating pieces that reflected my own style. Becoming a mother made me realize just how fascinating little minds are, especially in how important color is to their cognitive development. So that inspired me to design using different colors so I could change the artwork on Olivia’s walls regularly to keep it interesting for her. So this got me designing art prints and launching Hues & Fables.

"Scarlet" art print shown. 

Jacquin: Where does your "less is more" philosophy come from?

Kristin: When I reflect on different aspects of my life, including my creative work, I find that I have always navigated towards simplicity. I love the idea of something being simplified to only what is essential. In doing so I feel what is left is in fact its true essence, and to me this represents having a more refined and therefore more valuable outcome. So fundamentally, I would say it comes from my appreciation of having clarity in what I do and experience.

Art prints shown: "Soiree No. 1" and "Soiree No. 2"

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home right now?

Kristin: At the moment my favorite space would have to be our master bedroom. Before we had Olivia, we had the opportunity to travel to different cities and to stay in some really nice boutique hotels. One of our most memorable experiences would have to be our trip to New York where we stayed in a stylish hotel in Soho. When we decided to renovate our home four years ago, we were clear that we wanted to create a similar feel in our master bedroom. So now, even though we do not have as much opportunity to travel like we used to, being in the room brings us back to those days, and having such a stylish yet calming space to retreat to at the end of a busy day is precious to me.

Jacquin: What are some of your creative inspirations? Are there any artists or designers that inform your artistic approach?

Kristin: I find creative inspiration from a lot of things. It can be anything from fashion to food or a piece of furniture or packaging. As long as it is visual, has a strong concept and wows me, it will no doubt inspire me too!

The artist Lee Ufan – in particular his paint work – is a great source of inspiration to my artistic approach. Lee Ufan is a Korean minimalist artist and philosopher, and I first came across his work at the Guggenheim Museum in his Marking Infinity exhibition. I remember looking at his early painting series From Point and From Line, and being blown away at how simple and yet powerfully captivating his paintings were. 

I also find the French designer Philippe Starck very inspiring. He has worked on a vast range of design projects, from toys to furniture and vehicles to architecture. His designs are many things but they are never boring, and I have a lot of respect for his values and commitment to creating high quality designs that are beautiful, purposeful and sustainable.

"Olivia" the bunny art print shown.

"Eureka" art print shown.

Jacquin: What would your perfect day look like?

Kristin: A perfect day would see our family enjoy a lazy morning in bed laughing and cuddling. Brunch with great friends would follow, somewhere outdoors so I can soak in some sunshine! In the afternoon, a trip to the bookstore would see me treating myself to a new coffee table book, and the rest of the afternoon would be spent reading. At night, I would look forward to some delicious cooking from the husband, a lovely bottle of red and a really good movie to cap off the day!

Jacquin: Do you have any suggestions for embracing simplicity at home or in life?

Kristin: I think you need to discover what your version of simplicity is before you can embrace it, and I feel having self-awareness is key. My own understanding of what I value as a person has certainly helped me focus my energy and time on pursuing – and appreciating – a more meaningful life. It has also allowed me to create a purposeful home that brings me great inspiration and joy everyday. I think something as simple as having an honest conversation with yourself about what is important to you and what brings you real happiness is a great step towards embracing simplicity.

Shop the latest art prints from Kristin Poh at the Hues & Fables website.