Friday, January 23, 2015

Decorate Every Nook in Your Home!

If you live in a smaller space or a uniquely shaped home, then you likely know the importance of utilizing every nook available.  Today I'm presenting some of the most stylish and space maximizing nooks around.   

Image via House Beautiful, Designer Pat Healing, Douglas Friedman Photography

We all have hallways, so why not use your hallway nook to your advantage? Consider adding storage, a chic vignette, or creating a relaxing place to read. Designer Pat Healing did just this when he used the sunny hallway (above) to create a cozy reading nook!

Image via Pinterest, Elle Decor

How luxurious is this daybed nook (above)?  Framing your tiny space with ceiling height curtains adds both drama and a touch of luxury.  And I must mention the Moroccan style shudders, which really add to this character filled space. 

Image via BuzzFeed Life, Brooklyn Berry Designs

It's easy to forget that beneath our staircases lies a world of possibility for interior design and storage.  Above, we get an idea of two unique ways to utilize the space beneath our stairs.  A puppy hideaway or another cozy reading nook.  Underneath yours stairs would also be an excellent place to introduce a storage system or add a space to hang your coats.  

Image via Pinterest

Image via Coastal Living, Jonny Valiant Photography

Consider creating a space to sit down and take a breather in that empty nook in your home.  You may be able to add a full daybed, like shown above, or maybe a smaller resting space like shown below, also styled with luxurious pleated curtains.

Image via Home Bunch, Atlanta Homes

Image viThe Design Chaser, Styled by Claudia Kozub, Manja Wachsmuth Photography

For those of you with uniquely shaped rooms and steeply slanted ceilings, there is hope for your nook too!  Despite the difficult ceiling angle, the bedroom nook above looks just as comfortable and even cozier than your average bedroom.  So, how's that for making full use of a uniquely shaped space?  And if your nook is just too small to make room for an adult, that nook may be just the perfect sized space for your little one! See below for inspiration.  

Image via DustJacket, Melbourne home, Styled by Heather Nette King, Derek Swalwell 

Image via Lushome

This artistic spin on a kitchen nook is both creative and full of storage!  This tiny space (above) includes pantry storage, a wine rack, colorful bar seating, and a chalkboard wall featuring fun artwork along with more practical details like the grocery list.   A can of chalkboard paint will allow you to transform your own wall to a space for sharing personal drawings, messages, and important household lists.  For more ideas on utilizing chalkboard paint click here.  

Image via Domaine, Photography by Brittany Ambridge

If your home features a wall cutout, don't abandon it, but decorate it!  Just look at the nook above with shelving for storing books and a lovely artwork display.  If you have a lonely looking nook at home, decorate it and use it for storage.  Utilizing your nook will maximize your space! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Best BUDGET Decor Finds for Your Home

I've searched the web to bring you the BEST home decor and furniture finds on a budget.   These budget finds have high style, but a low price so your dollar can stretch! Take a look!

Row 1:     1   //  2   //  3

Row 2:    4   //  5   //  6

Row 3:    7   //  8   //  9

Row 4:   10  //  11  //  12

I've saved the best deal for last!  Check out this classic, architectual sawhorse desk for only $99.98 at Pier 1 Imports, marked down from $229.95 (below). 

Which one of these budget finds is your favorite?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Artist Spotlight Series: Sal Jones

Today I'm excited to introduce my monthly Artist Spotlight series!  I'm a lover of the fine arts and I am always delighted to discover an artist whose work is aesthetically impactful and tells a story. This month I'm featuring Artfinder painter and mixed media artist, Sal Jones of London! I am loving both her older and newer works. Her painting style is bold and expressive. 

"I Need, Absolutely, To Be Alone, Oil and acrylic on canvas, Sal Jones (2013)

Lovely Lily, (Misfits Collection) Oil on linen, Sal Jones (2010)

United, (Misfits Collection) Oil on linen, Sal Jones (2010)

You're Heartless, Oil on canvas, Sal Jones

Her artwork, as described by Sal, is portrait style, capturing and then reinterpreting emotions in time, while "blurring the boundary between fact and fiction" when portraying the human psyche.  Sal's work is not posed, but rather takes an almost fictional approach.  She thinks of her paintings as "character studies", which really conveys just how much is shared about these "characters", if you will, in Sal's emotion-capturing, color saturated works. 

It Was Easy For Me, Oil on canvas, Sal Jones

Sal's work captures a moment in time in the subject's life and allows the viewers to interpret for themselves what emotions are going on in the mind of the "character".  If you're enjoying Sal Jones' artwork as much as I am, she has many more works featured on, a great website for sourcing artwork for your home!  

I hope you've enjoyed today's artist feature. I'm eager to see even more of Sal Jones' work in the future.  You can purchase her stunning paintings on Sal Jones' page on Arfinder. If you are an artist interested in being featured or if you have an artist you'd like to suggest, please contact me via email. I love learning about new artists! Be sure to subscribe to catch the next Artist Spotlight. 


Friday, January 9, 2015

Add a Touch of Glamour with Mirrored Furniture

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you could definitely use more mirrored furniture in your life.  Why?  Well, because mirrored furniture adds a touch of glamour to your space and makes you feel like a million bucks!  I guarantee it will make you feel good to look at too.  Take a look at these fab homes and you'll see just what I mean. 

Image via

Exhibit A is this uber luxurious, white bedroom (below) with a mirrored canopy bed.  It's definitely conveying that Hollywood-esque, I'm worth a million bucks feel right?  Mirrored furniture and decor accessories can do the same for your home too!

Image via Faburous, Architectural Digest

Image via Decorpad

Couldn't you see yourself working the day away at this antique style mirrored desk (above)?  If you think you'd like a mirrored desk for yourself, I have a two great suggestions for you coming up in this post.  

Image via Heirloom Philosophy, Interior Design by Jane Schwab, Circa Interiors

And don't forget that mirrored accents can make your guests feel like kings and queens too.  This hammered mirrored sink (above) would be a gorgeous addition to your powder room.

Image via Once Daily Chic, Architectural Digest

On a practical note, I should add that mirrors are great for reflecting light, so if you have a space that doesn't get quite as much natural light as you'd like, then add a mirror or mirrored furniture to help brighten your room. 

Image via Shelterness

What a stunning master bath! (above) Finished nearly entirely with mirrored surfaces, you can see that it's hard to go wrong with mirrored accents (although it is possible).  With all of the light being reflected here, I imagine it's a great space to get dressed and put makeup on in.  

Interior Designer Rob Marvin's Harlem apartment, Image via Domino

If you don't want to go all out with the mirrors, that's fine.  One simple mirrored accent in a room may be just what you need to "up" the glam factor. Interior Designer Rob Marvin's living room (above) does just this, and I must say that it really works.  It's the bling in this otherwise relaxed and subdued room, and I quite like it.

Home of Jessica Alba, Image via Interiors by Studio M, Domaine

Stylish mogul Jessica Alba decorates with mirrored furniture too! In her living room (above) she features a wonderfully oversized mirrored coffee table and matching geometric mirrored floor lamps.  This sophisticated space has an artful touch, which I can really appreciate.  And if you love her lamps, West Elm has a very similar lamp currently-- their mirrored Abacus Floor Lamp.

Lexington Desk from Horchow

So if you're like me, you can't wait to get your hands on more mirrored home decor finds.  If you're looking for a desk, consider Horchow's mirrored Lexington Desk (pictured above) or for a budget option check out Target's Southern Enterprises Modern Glass Mirrored Desk.  If you just loved the mirrored canopy bed featured earlier, then you'll love your own canopy bed too! Take one last look at the beauty that is the mirrored canopy bed.  I so want one!  My choice would be this fab canopy bed from Horchow pictured below. 

What do you think of Horchow's mirrored canopy bed? 

I hope I've added a little sparkle to your day with all of this mirrored furniture.  Go forth and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cottages, Cabins, & Cozy Winter Homes

All of this cold weather has me thinking of cottages, cabins, and cozy winter homes!  I don't have a winter cottage to retreat to yet, but these beautiful homes certainly are an inspiration.  Take a look at these cozy and relaxed home designs.

Image via Houzz, Charles Cunniffe Architects

Antique Cape Code Home, Image via Houzz, Rikki Snyder Photography

Nothing warms up the winter like a warm orange shade in a space. Such a cheerful cabin bedroom for a little girl, complete with the signature wood beams one comes to expect when staying at a rustic cabin. 

Image via Houzz, Locati Architects, Gibeon Photography

Ceiling beams are one of the most distinct features of great cabins. Many of the rooms featured here have definitely capitalized on the grand feeling ceiling beams add to a room.  The richness and scale of the ceiling beams above really ground the large room and lift your eyes toward the rustic chandelier.

I'd love to throw a dinner party for 10 fabulous friends at a cabin like this one (above).  It's rustic, yet elegant, a perfect combination especially in the winter time.  And you can't beat the warm, candle mood lighting. 

Utah Residence, Image via Houzz, Magleby Construction

If the focal point of your room is a fireplace, then best to go all out with a unique and attractive mantel like the lovely, blue and white tile fireplace above.  Oh, and the fire is lit already, just in time for someone to cozy up with good book!

Image via Pinterest, Chandelier Works

When stuck in dreary winter time weather, make sure your living quarters are nice and bright. These two rooms (above, below) really show the impact color has on adding brightness to a room.  Generally, when in a space with a lot of wood paneling, the room may have a dark feel to it, but with the burst of bright yellow, purple and blue (above), this space is anything but dark.

Martha's Vineyard Residence, Image via Coastal Living, Designed by Tracey Overbeck Stead

In this all white bedroom, the cabin still has wood paneling, but painting them white gives the space the bright and welcoming look we want when stuck indoors during the winter.  And not to forget these stunning turquoise doors (above) that let plenty of light into the bedroom! 

The cottage below features one of my favorite bedrooms complete with a fireplace, fantastic upholstered orange armchair, and attached sun room. Stonework can be overwhelming in some spaces, but this cottage strikes the perfect balance between rustic and feminine.  A well styled bedroom, indeed.

Image via Pinterest,

If you're interested in seeing more rustic-meets-chic interior design, then re-visit my post Chic meets Rustic: Decorating with Reclaimed Wood

Thank you for your support, blog comments, and pleasant exchanges in 2014.  Looking forward to hearing more from you wonderful readers in 2015! 
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Friday, January 2, 2015

10 Things You Want to Try in the New Year!

1. Go on a Road Trip!
With the expensive cost of flights, it's easy to think we have to avoid traveling, but a road trip may be just the fun idea to mix things up.  Drive to a new city or visit friends in a nearby state all while taking in the sites along the way.  I'm hoping to take a road trip across northern California in 2015.  Please do share with me your off-the-beaten-path suggestions for Northern Cal in the comments.  I'm taking tips on fab boutiques, travel worthy restaurants, and amazing natural landscapes in the San Jose - Sacramento - San Fransisco - Napa area! 

2. Take a visit to luxurious hot springs, perfect for the icy winter and beyond!

Here are a few to consider:
In the United States:

3. Try before you buy... at the library. (You'll be surprised by what great things you'll find!)
Why oh why didn't I ever visit the library before now! Well, because it's the library, but I was pleasantly surprised time and again in 2014 during my visits.  I have found the best books on business development, art techniques, and fantastic recipes for starters.  Some of the books I've come across at the library I even plan to purchase this year just because I liked them so much.  So, try before you the library.

Not to mention, if you have any new ventures you'll be starting in 2015, there is sure to be a book at the library to give you the edge you need in your pursuit.  I recently found a ton of great books on entrepreneurship, finances, and attracting investors.

And not to forget, you can rent DVDs at the library, too!

4. Check out the consignment stores in your neighborhood!
Consignment stores are the best!  If you've never been to a consignment store before, here's how it works.  Consignment stores resale gently used clothing, often of the designer and luxury variety.  You can both buy and sell there, so the new year is as good a time as any to clean out your closet and consign the items that you just aren't wearing anymore.  Some consignment stores will pay you cash for your clothing items immediately, while others will mail you a check when your items sell, either way it's money in the bank for the new year!

Here are a few of my favorite consignment stores!

Check back for my post on tips for successful consigning and consignment shopping. You'll want to read this! 

5. Redecorate a space in your home.
With Interiors by Jacquin being your one-stop-shop for home decor tips and design inspiration, it should be no surprise that I'm recommending redecorating a room in your home for the new year. Don't undervalue the impact of a room refresher with new, colorful home decor accessories!  If you're looking for someone to add that professional touch, then consider an e-design service this year.

Get ready for a custom e-design service GIVEAWAY this month.  You won't want to miss this contest!

6. Try a new ethnic food at home or at a new restaurant.
Here are 2 recipes to get you started! One takes you to Africa and the other to Asia -- Senegalese Peanut Soup and Crab Wontons with Sweet & Sour Sauce.

I'm always up for trying new foods and global experiences.  I've been wanting to try a local Turkish and Indian restaurant! What ethnic foods have you been wanting to explore lately?

Here are two more great sources for ethnic recipes to try: here and here

7. Give yourself a spa day at home!
More to come on my best tips for giving yourself a relaxing spa day at home.  I bet you'll want to invite a friend to enjoy the luxurious home spa experience I have in mind.

8.  It may be winter, but buy some fresh flowers to brighten up your home!
Last month we discussed the importance of introducing natural beauty into your home.  If you didn't do this enough in 2014, now is your chance.  See 5 Great Ways to Add Color to Your Home on tips for adding color to your space with plants and flowers.

9. Throw a fun dinner party for friends in 2015! 
Did you miss out on "Friends-giving" in 2014?  I have a new blog post in the works on how you can throw a dinner party for friends with style and ease! (and a menu worth inviting people over for!)  Stay tuned!

10.  Perform a Random-Act-of-Kindness -- your friends and family will thank you.  
Nothing feels better than the thanks you get when you help a friend unexpectedly or surprise someone with a thoughtful gift.  Build up positive energy in 2015!

What do you plan to try in the new year?  
Let me know if you try any of these 10 suggestions in 2015! 
Happy New Year!!!

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