Monday, September 11, 2017

Ultimate Relaxation GIVEAWAY!

As we transition into Fall I'm finding myself becoming incredibly busy and sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything. If you're like me, then it's likely time to take some time to relax! Relaxing doesn't necessarily mean going on vacation, but it could mean simply adding 30 minutes to your day for rest and relaxation at home. If you have the right tools then a short 30 minutes of relaxation can be truly groundbreaking. HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET FOR HELPING YOU TO RELAX AT HOME... and I'm giving them away to one lucky reader in this week's contest!


(1) Koke'e Island Ambiance Reed Diffuser - Malie Organics 
Transform your space into a tropical paradise with the exotic aromas of the Islands as the delicate reeds allow the subtle release of these beautiful scents. Relax, indulge and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hawaiian aromatherapy.

Pure Soothing Comfort Mist is a heavenly blend formulated by our meditation gurus. A light, clean mist infused with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils that promote feelings of peace and soothe the soul. Definitely the most tranquil of their aromatherapy mists. Crafted from pure essential oils and botanicals.

(3)  Koke'e Hand Soap - Malie Organics
Enjoy a small touch of indulgence in your daily life with Malie’s luxurious organic hand soap. Cleanse naturally with awapuhi extract, while moisturizing and nourishing dry skin with organic aloe. Offering the naturally hydrating and therapeutic benefits of our pure Hawaiian Hydrosols.

(4) Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage - Zyllion 
This powerful, deep-kneading shiatsu massager relaxes overused and tight muscles with an advanced heating function to further soothe. This device can be attached to a chair for further convenience.

(5) 'Ciao Bella' sleep mask - Sleepy Cottage
Ciao Bella! A favorite Italian greeting for that special someone. Made from blush satin with black embroidery with a strap that won't slip while you sleep!

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bloggers at Home - featuring lifestyle blogger Eleanora Morrison

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Life + style blogger Eleanora Morrison has been so kind to share with a us a private tour of her San Antonio, Texas home. It's a bright & cozy space showcasing antique furniture with fun, contemporary pieces mixed in. I love the relaxed and bright feel she accomplishes.This newlywed successfully transformed her home to suit the styles of both Eleanora and her husband, blending rustic with glam, which always takes an artful balance. 

Eleanora Morrison is the founder of Oh, Eleanora blog. Check out our chat below!

I really like that your blog focuses on both style and wellness. How have you set up your home to help accomplish wellness and balance?

For me, styling our first home with wellness and balance in mind was at the top of my priority list. It has always been the goal for it to feel like our house gives you a hug when you walk through the door. I wanted this home to be the sigh of relief that would welcome us into relaxation after a long, busy day. 

Our careers both demand very much of our time and energies, so I paid a lot of attention to the finite details in the décor that I think help to create an atmosphere of relaxation at home. For example, I have a few indoor plants or fresh flowers placed in almost every room. I have aromatherapy candles in the bathroom and in the office. I have my favorite honey + milk soap in the bathroom and salts that make a typical at-home bath feel like an at-home spa. We were also given amazing bedding for our wedding that is so comfy that we have to pull ourselves away, so that also helps us keep relaxed and happy. It’s the little things that can give your home a very luxurious feel. 

In what ways does your home reflect your personal style?

I fell in love with our home the moment I saw it because it is a beautiful blend of old meets new. Our home was built in 1927, but we bought it completely renovated with a modern kitchen, bathroom, back yard, and other charming features. The character is there, but the modern luxuries are what make the home feel good. 

My personal style is very much a blend of a love affair with classic and timeless elegance, and an affinity toward bold modern statements. Our décor is a direct reflection of this. Many of our bigger furniture pieces are antiques—either from our grandparent’s homes or our parent’s homes. Everything we were given for our wedding, however, is contemporary. This makes our home feel like a blend of rustic charm and Hollywood glam, and I love it. 

As a newlywed, what has been the hardest thing about decorating with your husband and joining your personal styles? What is your biggest joint-decorating success story so far?

This is definitely a challenge. Luckily, my husband trusted me completely and didn’t really question any of my design choices with this home. However, he tends to be drawn to very contemporary and modern décor—I would call him a minimalist—and I am drawn to more traditional, rustic, and glamorous décor. With that in mind, I had to be very creative in blending tastes and respecting that this was a merger, not a takeover! 

I think our biggest joint-decorating success story at this point would be our guest room. Dan’s things were mostly black and modern, and mine were mostly white and neutral, with some inherited antiques. I figured out how to use his pieces to decorate the guest room in such a way that we didn’t lose him in the house. I didn’t mind the guest room feeling masculine—I am sometimes very drawn to masculine clothing and décor. I know we will eventually repurpose and redecorate that room, but for now it works really well and it came together quite nicely. Dan can have his space, I have my feminine office space, and the rest of the rooms in our home are fairly neutral and welcoming. 

With your new voyage in entrepreneurship, I'm sure your background in PR and fundraising have been very helpful. What takeaways from the fundraising and PR sectors have you utilized as you build your blogging business Oh, Eleanora?

My background in PR and fundraising was the perfect springboard into building a full-time blogging business. I still have much to build and much to achieve, but I truly believe that everything I did before taking the leap into being my own brand prepared me just the way I needed for what I do today. The three biggest skill sets from fundraising and PR that I draw from every single day are problem-solving, storytelling through mission-driven content, and utilizing my professional and personal networks to yield collaborations and sponsorships. 

In my experience, fundraising was about telling the story of your mission to people you had relationships with, in the hopes that they would convert to donors. Then you had to carry out their donor benefits and work them into current or future campaigns. The formula is almost exactly the same when pursuing relationships and sponsored collaborations with brands. 

What type of person do you think would love your blog?

Women in their 20’s and 30’s who are looking to find some inspiration and motivation to keep pushing toward their dreams. The mission of my site is to encourage and empower women to create the lives they want to lead. I hope Oh, Eleanora serves as a digital destination for those who need a little bit of cheerleading to reach for their stars. I would imagine these women are open-minded, worldly, interested in arts and culture; I think of them as being the never-ending seekers of beauty in the world, but also the ones who want to make a difference in it. 

What health & wellness resources are you most excited about this year?

I am now totally into a new practice of yoga (for me)—it’s called Bowspring. I’ve discovered it at my current yoga studio here in San Antonio, AC Power Yoga, but Bowspring is a global method that started in Denver, CO and was originated by a woman named Desi Springer. Its fundamentals are about re-learning movement habits that are more animalistic in nature rather than mechanical. It’s easier on my body than other forms of yoga and exercise, but it is more physically and mentally challenging. It works your fascia, not just your muscles. You get an amazing stretch from the practice, and your body feels renewed when you finish class. The movements are new and different, so you have to work very mindfully. It’s a workout for the body and the brain. If you live in a city that offers Bowspring yoga, I highly suggest trying it!

What has been inspiring you creatively lately?

I’ve been inspired by the fact that in both fashion and interior design, blush is the new black. I shared an article about it on the blog recently. 
I am always drawing inspiration from the following places, people and sites:

Photo credits: Curbviews and Will Crawford 

What's the more important thing you've learned during your career journey so far?

The last (and probably most important) thing I learned from the PR and fundraising sectors is that everyone knows everyone. The law of six degrees of separation will always shock you—no matter how you industry-hop. I now realize that the success of a relatively new blogger in the digital space is far more dependent on personal and professional relationships and networks that one would think. In fundraising and in PR, you meet so many people, and you learn how to deal with so many types of personalities. To be able to utilize those relationships to knock on doors, even in a completely new industry, helps me every single day. 

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Gone Rural Swaziland - Artistic handcrafts with social impact

Gone Rural is an African handcraft & design brand based in Swaziland with a unique, philanthropic spin. This brand has truly impressed me with their artistic woven designs that pay homage to the past while still being innovative. Founded in the 1970s (officially registered in 1992), Gone Rural was launched by a Swaziland farmer's wife, Jenny Thorne, who owned a small craft shop in Swaziland selling handmade clothes, accessories, and anti-apartheid literature. This small shop turned into several locations across Swaziland with a social mission behind their stunning handcrafts. 

Gone Rural empowers the women they employ with a voice and with real life resource. Below a Gone Rural weaver shares how this organization has been a benefit to their lives in more ways than expected. 

Siphiwe Mngometuli - Gone Rural weaver 
Siphiwe is the backbone of her homstead. She left school after falling pregnant and began weaving to support her child. Together, Siphiwe and her husband had six more children, building a life at his homestead. 
Then one day he sold all their cattle and left. He did not return for four years. Siphiwe had to leave her husband's family homestead. But with her income from Gone Rural, she was able to start her life again; building a new house and buying animals. 

For decades now the Gone Rural mission has been to empower local Swazi women by providing educational, health, and social resources. Gone Rural now assists over 770 women in 13 groups spread across Swaziland creating various woven products. Gone Rural's organization boMake (meaning 'mothers in their local language SiSwati) gives back by sponsoring the education tuition for their children, providing access to clean water, and offering free health clinics. 

Rural Evolution collection

Gone Rural also has a fashion branch of their brand. They have collaborated with various global designers to create avant garde fashions utilizing Gone Rural's artistic baskets and weavings, and the results are fantastic. 

Rural Evolution collection
Doktor and Misses collaboration with Gone Rural - woven screen

Gone Rural's innovation to preserve local handcraft traditions while creating new and exciting art & designs is already impressive on it's own, but their commitment to making a social impact in their community makes Gone Rural and boMake truly role models for how businesses can become impactful social enterprises. 

Rural Evolution collection

Learn where you can find Gone Rural woven designs in your own city at (there are boutiques selling their brand across the globe!). Also, visit the boMake organization page to learn more about their social impact efforts. You can give back by simply making a purchase! 

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Monday, August 7, 2017

6 Picture Frames for the Design Lover! + Vote for me in the AMARA blog awards

Hi friends! A short interlude before today's blog post... I've been nominated for an Amara Blog Award which honors interior design bloggers! Yay! I'm really excited to participate in this year's blogging contest and I'll need your help to reach my goal. Support the blog by voting for me in the Amara Blog Awards HERE. Thank you so much for your kind support! Now back to the blog post. :-)

No matter how many picture frames I buy, I can always buy another, especially if it has a unique design. I love displaying my travel photos around home and switching out the pictures to showcase different memories. Why not take it one step further and change out your frames while you're changing the photos? Changing out your picture frames is one of the easiest and least inexpensive ways to add luxurious accents to your home. Here are my favorite frames from Bloomingdale's and AMARA!

So there you have it, 7 fab frames to get you excited about displaying your photos at home. If you love these frames, and the Interiors by Jacquin blog, cast your vote in the Amara Blog Awards. I appreciate your support!

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Fashion meets Interiors series: featuring Joanna Go

Hi, everyone! My name is Joanna Go and I'm Owner and Creative Director of fashion, style, and beauty blog, CutandChicVintage. As a blogger, I'm constantly on the lookout for style that inspires. I believe style inspiration can come from anywhere—from art to interior design, which is why I'm thrilled to style another look for Jacquin's Fashion Meets Interiors series. 

The space that I chose is similar to how I've decorated my own place. It's modern, minimal, yet warm. This room has an effortlessly chic quality about it that I often go for in my own wardrobe. Although I'm a minimalist at heart, I'm all for incorporating bold, one of a kind statement pieces for that extra bit of "wow!", just like with the bold abstract paintings featured in black (see interior design photo below).

Image via PopSugar from Burlap & Lace

At first glance, I immediately connected with the room's neutral color palette of black and nudes but, what I love most about this room is its details. Some may say that minimalism has a reputation of being monotonous, or cold and uninviting. However, the trick to pulling off a minimalist look that truly stands out is adding an interesting focal point. There's nothing like a unique bag or a fab pair of shoes to breathe new life into any outfit.

With summer on it's way when I selected this outfit, I couldn't help but dream of exotic getaways and holidays by the beach. That was what attracted me to the natural textures in this room and I wanted to incorporate that into my outfit as well. When I saw this woven bag at ZARA, I knew it was the perfect accessory I can use all summer long. It's so chic and versatile that I can take it from work to play in no time flat. Having a little fun with black clothes & accessories can be a nice change of pace in the summer!


Hope you found some inspiration in my look! A big thank you to Jacquin for inviting me back to her blog. I had such a blast styling my outfit for this Fashion Meets Interiors series. You can check out my previous Fashion Meets Interiors feature here and visit my blog CutandChicVintage for more fashion inspiration.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hot Trend Alert: Tropical Leaf Pattern

Refreshing tropical leaf motifs have been popping up everywhere! If you haven't seen this around yet, here's a taste of some of the best designs featuring this fun, tropical pattern. I guarantee this trend will get you thinking about vacationing at a lovely tropical resort. I suppose that's why so many people are bringing elements of tropical palm leaves and the like, into their homes. I'm totally on board with this trend. Bring on the leaf motifs!

Bedroom of TiffanyD of Makeup By TiffanyD

Image via Pinterest, Shop the Aestate

Image via Stellar Interior Design, Oly Studio

Kips Bay Showhouse 2015, McMillan Interior Design, Rikki Snyder Photography

Image via Ish & Chi

Shop the Trend...

1. Jungle Leaves Wall Panel - Fabrics & Papers
2. Tahiti Indoor/Outdoor Floor Pillow - Callant & Jones
3. Beverly II Print - Fine Art Watercolor Print - The Aestate

Monday, June 19, 2017

5 Steps to Contemporary Style at Home with Modani!

If you're new to Modani, allow me to introduce you to this fabulous brand specializing in modern and contemporary furniture. While this brand launched in Miami (a city known for its contemporary design), Modani has storefront locations in Dallas, Chicago, Houston, LA, San Francisco, and New York (in addition to Canada!). Whether you prefer a mid-century modern look or something more bold and contemporary, Modani will meet your needs. These 15 beautiful selections from Modani will add a feel of contemporary luxury to your home. Here are 5 home decor techniques to transform your home with contemporary style!

7. Arago Gold Console Table 8. Lucia Modern Coffee Table with Marble 9. Lazare Leather & Gold Bench 10. Makah Walnut Shelves with Gold 11. Dino Contemporary Book Shelf

Visit for more modern and contemporary furniture inspiration.

This post is sponsored by Modani Furniture. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Traditional LA Home with Pops of Modern Decor: Publicist Molly Schoneveld

Photography by  Jessica Sample and Ragan Wallake 

Molly Schoneveld is a Los Angeles based publicist and founder of lifestyle blog This Yuppie Life. Molly's lifestyle PR business focuses on tv, actors and interior designers which has truly been keeping her busy in a town filled with A-list actors and designers. Her home features traditional decor elements blended with pops of refreshing and colorful contemporary additions. You'll really enjoy this home tour along with getting an insider perspective on the lifestyle PR industry in Los Angeles. Here we go!

Jacquin: What is one of the main differences you've noticed between working with your actor clients versus clients in interiors & design?

Molly: There’s a lot that is similar actually, but the main difference is the type of outlets you’re working with. Entertainment is such a small industry, so when you are an entertainment publicist, you have pretty much worked with all the same people for years. Depending on the actor’s project, you are usually pitching more mainstream media i.e talk shows, fashion magazines, major newspapers. You also have the support of the network or studio, so there is a lot of collaboration and you are trying to time press to the project’s release. There can be travel involved and a lot of coordinating schedules if the client is still in production. With actors, the job can be 24/7, it’s fast paced and really intense at times. There is usually a lot of filtering incoming requests too. 

With designers, it is usually slower paced. I am typically hired in two different ways: to place a specific project or to try and raise the profile of the designer through profile pieces and giving expert opinion. If I’m placing a project, you really have to go to one outlet, wait for an answer, which can be weeks or even months, and then move on. If my job is the later, there can be a lot of homework on the client’s part and I’m obviously pitching design and lifestyle magazines more than mainstream media. 

Jacquin: How do you unwind at home from busy work life? What are your favorite hobbies?

Molly: Ha! The struggle is real. I work a lot on my blog in my spare time, so lately it does feel like I’m always working. I love massages and get them as often as possible. I love trying new restaurants and cooking, so my life heavily revolves around food. I love to travel, so having even a weekend getaway is huge for me in terms of recharging. And when I can’t get away, you will find me cozied in bed watching reruns of “Sex and the City.”

Jacquin: Tell us about your decorating style. What has been your favorite design purchase so far?

Molly: I would say I am more traditional mixed with modern eclectic. I love the contrast of black and white, which you will find throughout my home. One of my favorite design purchases are the green drip glaze lamps in the living room (shown above) because they were the first purchase we bought when we first started caring about design beyond Pottery Barn. This lamp is usually the first thing people compliment in my house (besides the kitchen).

Jacquin: What are your "go-to" selections for entertaining at home?

Molly: My friend Ragan and I actually started a dinner party series where we invite other women business owners for cocktails, dinner and conversation. I learned so much about what works and doesn’t work. For instance, I think food looks best served on a solid colored plate—at home I use white. It’s also so much easier and cheaper to mix up your napkins and other décor rather than buying new plates every time. I did recently purchase black matte plates that I layered white salad plates over and they are inexpensive and stunning. One of the best things I served at a dinner party was a mini olive oil cake with Eucalyptus ice-cream that I recreated from Hotel Eden in Rome that was quite possibly the best dessert I’ve ever eaten. It went over very well! 

** See the recipe below for this crowd-pleasing Eucalyptus Ice Cream! **

Jacquin: What PR tips would you give to business owners like myself looking to plan their 1st launch event?

Molly: Relationships are everything. That’s also just true in life. If you can’t afford to hire a publicist, pick a couple of publications that you want to be in, and then try to find a way to reach the editor that covers your type of business. If you own a shop, invite publications to visit. If you are a designer with a project, introduce yourself via email and (this is important) include a small paragraph about yourself and the project and ONE photo. Nobody has time to read a 2-page email and editors hate getting tons of images via email that will clog their inbox. If you are going to work with a publicist, remember that they are an extension of your team. The more available you are to them and the more information you provide, the better your relationship will be and the better results you will get.

Jacquin: What are your favorite places in Los Angeles for home decor?

Molly: My client Hammer and Spear in Downtown LA is amazing. I rarely leave without buying something from their small goods section. I also love 45Three, which is a little bit of an insider’s secret—that’s where I got my green lamps! I also love Consort, which is really close to where I live. They have the coolest hand sculptures and accessories. 

Recipe for Homemade Eucalyptus Ice Cream

*Makes approximately 2 quarts*


  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups half and half
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • Approximately 10 eucalyptus leaves - (I used Eucalyptus glaucescens which has round leaves and are easy to find in floral shops or Whole Foods. If you are using a larger leaf, like what we used for garnish, you won’t need as many.)

Step 1. Bring the milk, half and half and sugar to 165 degrees. Then, turn down the heat and add the eucalyptus leaves and steep for approximately 20 minutes, tasting every 5 minutes to make sure it isn’t too strong. 

Step 2. Add the milk mixture to the egg yokes in a separate bowl, whisking constantly. Let cool. Chill in the refrigerator over night (or until very cold). 

Step 3. Then, churn per the instructions in your ice cream maker manual.


Lulu & Georgia