Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fashion meets Interior Design: Featuring Kira Laws

I am Kira Laws, lifestyle editor, author, CEO, creator, and fashion designer of The Modern Day Cindi.  The Modern Day Cindi is about faith, fashion, healthy relationships and professional growth. My platform is to express love, embrace freedom, and empower people to break from ordinary experiences to lead extraordinary lives. My personal style is a mix of classics; I do not subscribe to any particular look. I would consider myself as a street-savvy Jackie O. 

My style can be summed up as a fusion of modern luxe meets time-honored glamour. I adore dresses; the variety of styles that emerged between the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s were beautiful! I also love the freedom that the 60's, 70's, and 80's provided with pants and more form fitting clothes. At the end of the day though, I’m urban through and through--

For this edition of Fashion meets Interior Design I selected a bold red room for my style inspiration, recently featured on An Indian Summer blog. Because of the mix of styles, it's no surprise that I would gravitate to the boldness of this room! I absolutely love mixing bold prints and colors in unexpected ways. 

Image via An Indian Summer

I am a fan of this interior design's rich red wall and creative display of beautiful patterns and textures, ranging from polka dots to florals. For my own Indian Summer inspired look, I chose a nude fitted shirt and tailored pants as the landscape for my outfit. I played up the neutral palette by wearing a soft blue open sweater. The subtly of the blue is complemented by the boldness of my red hat and red paisley scarf. The scarf has intricate accents of black, white, and gold, with notes of bronze. I selected an Aztec Indian Necklace to enhance the richness of my look and included the bronze bracelets to balance the paisley scarf and complete the look. 

My look for less:
Paisley Scarf - Target
Oversized Cardigan - Target
Broad Brim Wool Blend Hat - OASAP
Bib Statement Necklace (Love this!) - Forever21 
Ornate Etched Hinge Bracelet - Forever21

Wardrobe Wisdom for the New Year:
I believe that who you are and what you are about should be recognizable through your outward appearance. Therefore, here's an important piece of wardrobe wisdom for the New Year: Make sure you communicate the right messages through your fashion selections and style. Don’t shy away from style choices just because everyone may not be doing it. Taking chances in your wardrobe can help represent & promote who you are!

-I am The Modern Day Cindi

Learn more about Kira Laws, The Modern Day Cindi, on Instagram and Twitter.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Empowering Young Artists to Create with Wunderkid co.

Growing up creating art was one of the least encouraged career paths discussed in school, even though there are many extremely talented would-be artists out there, who were simply never encouraged to keep creating.  I was one of those artistic kids who loved painting and printmaking, but never considered art as a serious career opportunity. Years later having graduated from law school (which I don't regret), I wonder what would have been had I continued to create all along.  Getting back into creating art myself, I was genuinely thrilled to learn of a new organization, Wunderkid, whose mission is to encourage and financially support young artists at a time when most high school students may be steered toward other career paths. 

Wunderkid is a digital platform that curates and sells extraordinary art from young, emerging artists around the world. As a social enterprise, when you buy art prints, Wunderkid contributes a portion of each purchase directly to their hardworking Wunderkids, helping them fund their education and providing them the opportunity to pursue their creative passion wholeheartedly. 

I wanted to learn more about Wunderkid, so I scheduled what ended up being an epic chat with Wunderkid's Founder & CEO, Denise Troy. Take a look at my recent interview with Denise. Supporting young artists has never been easier with Wunderkid!

Jacquin: When did you know you wanted to start Wunderkid

Denise: As a choreographer and artist myself, I knew there was a disparity in the support system (both financial and entrepreneurial) for young artists. I think deep down I always knew I wanted to address this issue…it just took me some time to figure out how it might manifest into a tangible idea. The idea of Wunderkid came to me early last year and as soon as I thought of it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt invigorated by the idea of helping other young artists pursue their passion. I think the next day I bought the domain and started building the website. When inspiration strikes, I move quickly. :)

Jacquin: How has your journey building this philanthropic business been so far? 

Denise: The journey of building Wunderkid has been full of some unbelievable moments. I don’t think building a business is ever easy, but it is immensely easier to weather the road blocks when you feel you’re doing something important. Each time I speak with a new artist, I still get goosebumps seeing that smile as I welcome him/her into the program. It’s a high I can’t even put into words. The other phenomenal component of this business has been connecting with other professionals that are willing and eager to help me on this journey. I’ve had brand strategists, marketing gurus, pr mavens and a slew of other incredibly talented individuals all willing to provide wisdom, support and encouragement throughout this journey simply because they identify with our mission. It really reaffirms how beautiful people are and makes me realize we are all in this journey together.

Jacquin: How is Wunderkid mentoring young artists today? 

Denise: On an artistic level, we work incredibly hard with our artists to provide them meaningful feedback on their work and push them to step outside their comfort levels. We also help them learn how to digitize work, price original work, show work in a gallery, etc. I hope in the near future to also setup mentor relationships between established artists and the Wunderkids to serve as another form of support. 

Photo Credit: Tristen Seagondollar

Jacquin: I'd love to learn about one of the talented Wunderkid artists. Tell us about your first ever Wunderkid artist. 

Denise: Sienna Browne was the very first artist that I added to the site. I found her at a local High School art show. When I walked into the show, I saw a few amazing pieces throughout the art show and saw the name Sienna Browne underneath them. I couldn’t believe that at 16, she was producing such extraordinary work with such a unique perspective. I knew I needed to find this girl. The show was packed with people, so I just went up to one girl and inquired, “Excuse me, do you by chance know Sienna Browne?” She looked at me and said, “that’s me!” I smiled and thought to myself of course you are. I often say that finding Sienna was my sign from the universe that I was on the right track. 

Painting by Sienna Browne

Painting by Sienna Browne

Jacquin: How can readers support Wunderkid and its mission?

Denise: As a new business, we work very hard to spread the word about our company. The online art sales climate is incredibly competitive, but we know we offer something special in the scene. We would love for people to continue to spread the word about our company and mission via social media and word of mouth. In addition, I wish everyone could experience how impactful their purchase is. These kids are in this incredibly formative period in their life. When you purchase a piece of art, you’re telling this artist “I believe in you.” That’s incredibly powerful and life-changing—the art is like icing on the cake.

Paintings by Sienna Browne

Wunderkid sells the artwork of talented young artists from across the globe, with proceeds supporting their educations. To support a Wunderkid and source unique fine art, visit Wunderkid's inspirational website

Friday, December 25, 2015

Reflecting on the year: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

With 2015 drawing to an end, I'm reflecting on all the wonderful accomplishments of the year. This year I celebrated my 1-year blogging anniversary, as well being honored as Top 100 Most Influential Interior Design Website of 2015.  With over 150 blog posts published already, I thought I'd round up my top 10 posts of 2015. Here are the most read and most loved blog posts on Interiors by Jacquin blog this year. 

1. Lenny Kravitz - An All Around Artist
Lenny Kravitz is extremely talented. Check out the many artforms of Lenny in this blog post. It's not just music! P.S. Lenny has a new home decor collection out with CB2. You can learn more about it here. 
2. Bringing Luxury to Laundry
Need a reason to get excited about laundry? This is just the inspiration you need!

3. Loving the Beaded Chandelier
I'm get pretty excited about a colorful beaded chandelier. Here's why...

4. Stunning & Artistic Home Tour of Model Marisa Howard
This was my absolute, favorite home tour this year! Marisa's home is filled with beautiful contemporary art and design. 

5. Globally Chic Accessories featuring Desically Ethnic
What a fun interview this was! You definitely want to check out these stunning accessories, all the way from India. 

6. Fashion meets Interior Design: featuring Jennifer Berke
Jennifer's Fashion meets Interior Design feature was the most popular post in the series this year. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Jennifer's stunning Anthropologie jumpsuit. I want one!! (See the entire series here.)

7. On the Fringe... 10 Ways to Rock Fringe 
Furniture at Home
The decor element you've never thought of is the epitome of chic. This is how you fringe...

8. Let's Hop Over to Paris!
Parisienne blogger Naelle of Once in Paris blog shows us around her Paris flat, plus an interview.

9. Entertaining with Style - Sweet Lulu's Margarita Party
All the details you need to throw a colorful margarita party in style. Plus it's filled with chic DIY decor!

10. 8 Ways to Hang a Tapestry at Home
This post shows you just how to handle tapestries of all varieties. Here are 8 different ways to get your own tapestry unto the wall as beautiful decor. 

Thank you for reading! 
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More great blog post to come in 2016!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Flower Guide - Enjoy flowers this winter

One of my favorite things in the world are plants and fresh flowers, so I was excited to invite floral designer Jenna Griffin of Gold & Bloom to share which flowers are in-season this winter. You don't have to wait until the springtime to begin enjoying flowers again. You guide to winter flowers has arrived! 

Part of the excitement in being a floral designer, is that flowers come and go in and out of season Although there are some flowers you can find pretty much year round, there are some that are only available at certain parts of the year. So when my favorites come back into season, it's like a holiday in itself. These are some of my favorite winter flowers to use in bouquets and arrangements this season. Each one is unique on its own and will bring a special vibe to your floral designs.

1 | RANUNCULUS | This is my all time favorite flower and use it in pretty much every arrangement I make. You can find it pretty much year round in various colors. I love the color of these burgundy ranunculus! 

2 | AMARYLLIS | This beauty is such a unique and bold winter flower, and comes in many different colors.

3 | VERONICA | I love the white ones this time of year, especially. They add such a great shape to arrangements. 

4 | SNAPDRAGON | This is another flower that I just love the shape of! Oh, and good news: it's available year-round!

5 | GARDEN ROSE | Their glorious scent will win you over!

6 | BURGUNDY PEONIES | Winter is when the beautiful burgundy peonies come out to play! The lighter colored peonies are in season in the warm months, but this one is one of the few that like the cold. 

7 | ANEMONE |  These cold weather friends are just so adorable to look at. I use them in arrangements all the time!

If you plan to showcase fresh flowers at your holiday get together, consider asking your florist to use these stunning winter flower varieties. These winter flower are rich in color and character. Visit Gold & Bloom for more floral inspiration.  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Contemporary Artist Martin Wehmer

I've recently come across the artwork of Hong Kong based, German artist Martin Wehmer. His work captures snapshots of everyday life for his subjects, while utilizing heavy, textured brushtrokes. Whether his subjects are real or fictitional, we are drawn into their stories through the depth and vivid nature of his painting. Wehmer's paintings are abstract with an expressionist undertone, leaving me want to know more after each work. He describes his painting style as "the meaning of post-abstraction the field between abstraction and figurism." You can find Martin Wehmer's artwork on Artsy.

Card Women, 2014, Oil on Canvas, Martin Wehmer

Da Penti, 2014, Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer

Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer

Shave, 2015, Oil on Canvas, Martin Wehmer

Lu Shou Tao, 2014, Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer

Get ready for more artist features here on Interiors by Jacquin in the new year! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Fashion meets Interior Design: with Addie Benson of Old World New


Hello everyone!  My name is Addie and I write life + style blog Old World New that focuses on thrift-style and sustainability.  I'm so excited to share with you the outfit I created for this installment of Jacquin's "Fashion Meets Interior Design" series.  I'm a strong believer in trends transcending genres - or simply put, you'd be surprised to see how designs in home and in fashion can be so similar!  
I love finding unique vintage and thrifted clothes, and combining them with modern finds.  There are also so many classic brands producing ethical and sustainable clothes these days (you can see more of that over on my blog), so I love using pieces like that to create beautiful outfits and inspire others to buy from more sustainable brands.  Hopefully one day, all of the fashion and home decor brands we love will be more conscious of the processes they use and the treatment of their employees! 

The photo inspiration for my outfit instantly made me think of three different distinct styles: vintage, modern, and monochromatic with a splash of color. This room is the perfect merger of my favorite styles along with a dash of cultural flair, which I absolutely love! I shopped my own closet first and remembered the black and white geometric overalls I purchased from Marshalls a few years ago. The geometric patterned overalls reminded me of the patterned wall in the interior design inspiration, which made this the perfect outfit to showcase this uniquely decorated room. If you're looking to score a unique pair of overalls too, here is a similar patterned pair from Target. 

As for the jacket I'm wearing, I went thrift shopping recently and stumbled upon a brightly patterned jacket in the sweater section (see my "How to Thrift" post about looking in all departments and paying attention to pattern and prints while thrifting). I tried it on, and it was quirky, but even my boyfriend agreed that it had potential (he knew I could find a way to make it work, which is really part of the fun). I had no idea when or where I was going to wear it but I new it would have its day to shine!

My jacket selection reminds me of the unique, upholstered coffee table featured in this room, which I love happens to be an upcycled, bohemian suitcase. I also liked that my jacket picks up the colors in the beautiful multi-colored sofa.  Next, I paired these boldly patterned statement pieces with an Every Ella screened t-shirt with the empowering quote, "She is imperfect, and that's what makes her real." Finally, I accessorized with neutral booties to match the neutral pillows and window coverings, and gold jewelry to emulate the gold and bronze of the stools, light fixtures and teapots. 

This room is bold, modern and inviting all at the same time, and I believe my outfit mirrors the interior design in the sense that it can be worn in both casual and professional scenarios, like this mixed-style interior design.  I actually wore the overalls to work with a black fuzzy sweater over them. You never know what you'll discover when you thrift! You may find the perfect selections to be dressed up or down creatively.
Thank you, Jacquin, for the opportunity to share my style on your blog.  You can find me on Facebook at Old World New and also on oInstagram. You can also check out my Facebook community Thrift It! Clique for more thrift shopping inspiration.  Now go shop your own closet and search the racks at a thrift store near you to create your own amazingly bold outfits, too!

xoxo - Addie

Photos by Rhedeont Photography.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Host a Champagne New Year's Eve Party!

If you're looking for New Year's Eve plans, I have the perfect idea for you. Host an elegant New Year's Eve soiree at home and enjoy bringing in the new year in casual luxury. Hibiscus Linens Co. shares stylish inspiration on how we can decorate our own Champagne Party at home this New Year's Eve and I have the perfect menu recommendations to make party planning an ease!

The countdown has started again, just a couple of days until the Times Square ball drops and we have a whole new year ahead of us. What better way to kick start 2016 than mesmerizing your guest with a glitz and champagne party!

Nothing says glamour like an intimate gathering at home, with a few friends and a shiny new start. When hosting a small affair, details will make a big difference and set your event above the rest.

To create a celebratory look try using gold china or gold-accented table decor, then and add linen napkins in a shade of white or even with a little sparkle. Gold and cream are a classic and elegant color combination that will go beautifully with any style decor. Your gold accents will add a glamorous feel to your party and who doesn't love a little glamour when celebrating! The linen napkins will also be useful while your guests walk the party, drink and mingle. Linen napkins and gold accents will go a long way toward dressing up your house party, creating a special ambiance for you and your guests.

For a personal touch, have your linen napkins monogrammed for added elegance. Your sophisticated party, full of sparkling wine and details will be the perfect atmosphere to create special memories with friends and family.  

Pictures by the talented Elisheva (Houston, TX).

Need high-quality linens for your next party? 
Visit Hibiscus Linens to source beautiful, hand crafted linen napkins for your next special celebration. They will add instant elegance to your party! Use code SHOP25 to get 25% off your first order. 

Wondering what to serve at your New Year's Eve party or special get together? Go for an assortment of appetizers along with a specialty cocktail. Here what I recommend...

Roasted Vanilla Grapefruit Mimosas - Your Champagne Party wouldn't be complete without champagne or sparkling wine, and it's this cocktail's signature ingredient!

Coconut Milk Eggnog - You can make a non-alcoholic and spiked version for your guests. The coconut flavor will be a nice surprise!

Roasted Spiced Pear Cocktail - Since you'll already be using pears in the recipe below, pear and goat cheese flatbread with honeyed walnuts (#4), keep the theme going with a pear cocktail. And now that I have you curious about the menu, I'll jump into the appetizer selections!

For the appetizers...

I hope this post has inspired you to invite a few friends over for an elegant, at home get together this holiday season!

Which of these menu items might make an appearance at your next soiree?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Gifts for the Home

Whether you're shopping for the holidays, a birthday or special occasion, or even yourself, these sustainable and eco-friendly gifts would be a great addition to any home! Happy Holidays!

1. Aurora Multi-Color Pillow - $380 at Wildflower Organics
2. Cardboard Cat Teepee - $35 at UncommonGoods
3. Recycled Glass Balloon Vases - $79 at ViviTerra
4. Beaded Bolga Beachcomber Basket - $35 at VivaTerra
5. Rioja Recycled Glassware Collection - $6-$36 at Bambeco
6. Bamboo Fiber Compost Set - $45 at Bambeco
7. Driftwood Candelabra Centerpiece - $329 at ViviTerra
8. Swaying Leaves Wind Chime (recycled glass) - $34.50 at Ten Thousand Villages
9. Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand - $110 at UncommonGoods
10. Alpaca Chunky Knit Pillow - $429 at Wildflower Organics
11. Geometric Copper Votive Bowls (Set of 4) - $39.20 at ViviTerra
12. Airplant Frame (11x11) - $90 at Viesso

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bloggers at Home: Emilie Sobel

Jaquin: Hi Emilie! Thanks for sharing a look inside your bedroom. Tell us about your blog Soul in Stilettos.

Emilie: Thank you for asking me to be apart of your beautiful blog, I am so honored! My name is Emilie and I am the founder of the blog Soul in Stilettos! I’m 23 years old and based out of Miami Beach where I work as a Social Media Coordinator when I’m not blogging. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Marketing from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Jacquin: How would you describe your personal style? 

Emilie: My personal style is bohemian glam, for sure. I love to collect and wear pieces that are original and mix it up with a ton of accessorize. My bedroom is definitely a direct reflection on my personal style because it is made up of a collection of my favorite art, books, blankets, candles and anything else I can get my hands on. 

Jacquin: What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

Emilie: My favorite thing to do for fun is travel. I grew up fortunate enough to explore many parts of the world with my family. My parents have major wanderlust and that totally effected me in the best way possible. If there’s a long weekend, a festival, or seriously cheap airfare, you can bet that I’m the first person to book the trip. Nothing feeds my soul more than discovering new things and new places.

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your bedroom?

Emilie: My favorite space is my bed. I work a lot and tend to have no time to relax, with going from work outs to work to events, I usually crawl into bed late at night. I am very keen on comfort, so my bed is basically one giant pillow. The all white detail makes me feel like I’m living on a  cloud while I’m in it and no one can bother me there. 

Jacquin: With you being a fashion blogger I can't miss the opportunity to ask you about your favorite accessories. What is your favorite place to find unique accessories? What is your favorite springtime accessory right now?

Emilie: Vintage stores are my go-to when it comes to finding chic accessories. I’m very into chokers right now, like any other stylish babe, and I’ve found my best pieces digging around at consignment stores. My favorite pair of shoes this Spring are my lace-up sandals I found on sale at Zara. They are comfortable, chic and easily take me from the office to a party! You can see these fab shoes below. 

Jacquin: Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! What are you most looking forward to as you continue to grow your blog?

Emilie: Thank you! 3 years is a huge milestone for me so I’m really excited about it. I’m most looking forward to the collaborations I have coming my way. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am and it feels really cool to be recognized by brands I love and asked to work with them. It’s surreal. 

Photography: Christine Michelle Russo