Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fashion meets Interiors: featuring Style Blogger Morgan Lillian

It's time for my favorite series, Fashion meets Interiors, and today I'm featuring style blogger Morgan Gaston of blog Morgan Lillian. If you recognize Morgan, it may be because this is Morgan's second feature on Interiors by Jacquin. You can check out her previous guest post where Morgan explores Spain here. (She was a brunette back then!) It's great inspiration for your next European vacation itinerary. Now let's get back to Morgan's summer-fresh outfit inspired by this earthy & bold interior design. I must say that I love the mustard yellow shade of Morgan's dress! Great color for our current transition from Summer to Fall.  

Hi  loves! My name is Morgan Lillian and I do that whole blogging thing over at MorganLillian.com where my niche includes fashion trends, lifestyle, and travel. I'm based here in Seattle, Washington, a notoriously cloudy and misty place except during the summer, when it's the most beautiful place in the country. Summers here truly make the rest of the year worth it. Less clothes, happy vibes, and being able to go downtown and sit on a patio somewhere sipping on a colorful drink are the reasons I live for summer (and live in Seattle!). When it comes to fashion, summer dressing brings the fun, color and creativity back into your wardrobe, as go-to winter shades like blacks and greys get pushed to the back of the closet. Bold shades like yellows, pinks, and oranges emerge, making summer the perfect time for style creativity.

47 Park Avenue (UK) via Tobu Designer

Looking at this interior, I was drawn in by the cool tones mixed with the leather couch. While the couch is mostly a distressed brown, there are some yellow undertones that I love which is where this yellow mustard dress was inspired. In further inspiration of this great room, I added a statement necktie with the colors white, blue, and mustard to pull everything together. Not to mention that a necktie is a chic way to bring your silk scarves into your summer wardrobe. My necktie today is prominent but allows the dress to stand alone, just as the leather couch stands alone, but not in solidarity.


Learn more about Morgan over at her blog MorganLillian.com or visit her Instagram page. Until next time... Ciao!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Decorating wtih Ornamental Ceiling Medallions

For a high impact, yet cost effective update to a special area in your home, try installing an ornamental ceiling medallion. A ceiling medallion can be the perfect accent for a unique chandelier and will work well with most light fixtures. I really love the romance and architectural element that ornate medallions add to a room, so I've rounded up my favorite interiors showcasing this gorgeous ceiling feature.

The Heathered Nest

London residence designed by Cochrane Designs.

After a day of research and viewing tons of stunning ceilings, it seems that it's hard to go wrong when decorating with a ceiling medallion. All of the rooms I've come across with this architectural feature have been spot on! For example, I love how regal this master bathroom looks with its intricate ceiling medallion and oversized tufted pouf. These are just the kind of details that begin to make your home feel a little more like a vacation destination.

And if you're new to this architectural feature you'll be glad to know that installing a ceiling medallion is rather simple. The most detail oriented part is cutting a proper sized hole in the center of the medallion to install you light fixture through (although some will already have a cut-out for your light fixture when you purchase it). Here is a great tutorial on how to install a ceiling medallion in detail.

Ceiling fan + medallion combination by Kristin Jackson

On another note, I've never seen a ceiling medallion paired well with a ceiling fan, so the bedroom design above from designer Kristin Jackson was pretty exciting. This interior design serves as proof that a ceiling medallion is still completely possible even if your room has a ceiling fan. Just make sure that the style of your ceiling fan and medallion do not clash aesthetically.

Closet door DIY tutorial from One Kings Lane. 

Lastly, don't forget that you can even beautify smaller spaces like bathrooms, hallways, and office spaces with ornamental medallions. For a twist on the traditional ceiling medallion, take a look at One Kings Lane's recent DIY where they upgrade closet doors using circular medallions. I am loving the feminine, European touch that these luxe doors give the room!

All of these rooms showcasing stunning medallions peaked my interest so I went on the hunt to source the perfect ceiling medallions online. Here are a few majorly chic medallions to consider for your home.

This architectural feature is perfect for introducing instant luxury to your space!

1. Ekena Millwork Benson Classic Ceiling Medallion - $59.95 
2. Ekena Millwork Eryn Ceiling Medallion - $66.95 
3. Elk Lighting English Study Ceiling Medallion - $180.00 
4. Hickory Manor House Crown Molding Ceiling Medallion - $329.95 
5. Elegant Lighting Mirrored Medallion - $200.00 
6. Elk Lighting Laureldale White Ceiling Medallion - $84.00

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Designer Spotlight: Fashion and Interiors on the Mexico Border

Megan Feuille is a fashion and interior designer living in El Paso, Texas and the founder of Paloma El Paso. Fueled by the cultural influences of living in a border town where the sister city is Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Megan's designs have a distinctly light and airy Mexican essence. Rebecca Quinones, one of the fantastic interns for Interiors by Jacquin, recently connected with designer Megan Feuille and had the opportunity to learn more about Megan's passion for design and her creative connection to Mexico. Check out this culturally inspired interor design and fashion brand - Paloma El Paso.


Megan's philosophy on design (for interiors as well as fashion) is the importance of keeping the design fun and accessible. She also tries to remember that nothing is ever THAT big of a deal, and that there is always room for improvement.


As I asked Megan how she built her business from the ground as an entrepreneur, she said that before Paloma El Paso, she had never even thought of owning her own business.

Megan graduated with degrees in Religious Studies and Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, but was always interested in design. After graduating from college, she taught preschool in Austin for 5 years, then started a design blog for her own enjoyment.

One day, Megan received an email from a friend asking if she owned her own design business, asking for her help. Instead of answering immediately, Megan sent in her paperwork to the state comptroller, claimed herself a business owner the very next day, and got to work. Megan and her husband then made their move to El Paso, desiring a change of pace. She ran her blog for a year, took a break, did fashion styling and worked for a nonprofit organization called Ciudad Nueva. During this break, she asked herself… "What if I worked with women in Mexico to make traditional Mexican clothes for the American marketplace?

She envisioned something easy, feminine, and of course, accessible. Megan sent her lacey, airy, and casual designs to Southern Mexico to her old roommate and friend from college, Candice Leigh, the founder of Oh Fox Creative. Megan loved the results, but put everything on hold when her and her husband got the call for their adoption and started their beautiful family. Once she got back on track, she designed her own website, new ideas, and is even her own model.


One of my biggest questions for Megan was "How does it all work?" Once Paloma El Paso started back up again, Megan sent more designs in, and what she received next were samples of her own designs. If something isn't quite right, she makes the edits for the item to be re-woven and the process begins again.

Megan expressed just how grateful she is for the women in Mexico and the collaboration they've forged in addition to being appreciative of everyone who visits her site. Everything Megan designs for Paloma El Paso is hand woven with love and care on a traditional loom. Megan describes her designs as "handmade works of art", which is completely accurate. She wants people to appreciate and enjoy how beautiful these hand creations are, all while protecting the makers' integrity. 


"I like to follow designers I admire, like Kelly Wearstler."

Megan uses photos from other great artists to inspire her designs. She also loves to travel and to see pictures of where other people go. This is represented in the cultural influences of her designs as she admires Latin American textiles from Mexico, Peru and Guatemala. Megan also takes influences from Morocco, where she's also had the opportunity to visit. 


Working in two different industries, fashion and interior design simultaneously, has both varying and intersecting elements, but the foundation of both are style. Megan balances working in these industries by keeping a relaxed approach and remembering that it's really all connected. Besides making her job fun, Megan's number one piece of advice for young designers is having "good basics and crazy accessories". She loves to mix high and low. The same applies to interiors. It makes sense to spend more money on items that last forever (like a sofa), and selecting these more expensive items in neutral tends to make sense. However, you can go crazy with a bold rug or throw that can easily be switched out and still create a colorful interior. It's all about balance. 

Megan also loves to mix silhouettes in fashion and interiors and believes that confidence is key when pulling off any look. Megan's take home point... "As far as fashion:anything goes. There aren't as many rules as people think there are." So have fun with it!

Visit Paloma El Paso to catch Megan Feuille's latest designs!

Sister Golden Boutique: Flower Prints & Boho-Chic Decor

Online boutique Sister Golden is one of my exciting recent finds. Their flower prints are cheerful and inspirational and their global home decor has a great, boho-chic vibe. I've interviewed the mother-daughter duo operating Sister Golden for today's feature, Vicki and Brooke Rawlins. Vicki Rawlins is the creative artist behind these fun floral prints! Learn more about this duo below.

Jacquin: How did Sister Golden come about? What inspired your brand's name?

Brooke: My goal has always been to own a small boutique of my own where I could decorate the bare walls with my mom’s (Vicki's) art and represent other up and coming artists and makers. About 2 years ago we came to the conclusion that there’s really no time like the present, but because we lived in different states, whatever we did needed to start in cyberspace. So, I took the domain name from my old blog, “Sister Golden”, and we started working out the details. Looking back, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment we said “let’s do it”. The inspiration was really just the urge that we needed to make it happen in whatever way we could. What SG has naturally evolved into is a great representation of what we both bring to the table in terms of interests and abilities.

The name Sister Golden was inspired by America's Song "Sister Golden Hair". My dad has called both myself and my mom that for years, so we just kind of naturally gravitated to it. 

(Left) Palm Boob Pot (Right) Cool Dots Senegal Basket

(Left) Azila Boucherouite Pillow (Right) Cusco Manta Pillow

Jacquin: You sell such beautiful artwork and home accessories! I love your vintage kilim throw pillows. Has sourcing these vintage items led to any exciting excursions or flea market visits?

Brooke: It's crazy how much business can be handled online - from sourcing items to running an entire shop. We have relationships with families across the world who help us source things like our vintage pillows. Most of that is done by looking through hundreds of images and carefully choosing the pieces we'd like. We also try to get to as many handmade fairs, trade shows, and antique shops as we can. We would love to eventually take a trip to Turkey or Morocco ourselves to source in person. That would be incredible and is definitely a goal of ours.

Jacquin: One of my favorite items you sell are your Flower Prints! I actually just decorated a space in a client's home using your "Pink Frida" print. The client loved it! How did you begin creating your flower prints? What inspired you? What do you enjoy most about creating with flowers?

Vicki: I've been a professional artist for over 35 years, but just started working with foliage a year and a half ago! I had seen some foliage art floating around Instagram and told Brooke, I had to try it. I'm a "master gardener wanna be" as a hobby, so it wasn't a real stretch to start working flowers into my art as a medium! We put my first piece up on our Instagram feed and it got a wonderful response! But truly it didn't matter, I was addicted from my first piece!

I fell in love with foliage art for its sustainable and therapeutic qualities. Every piece is foraged from Mother Nature. No glue, tape or anything else is ever used to adhere the foliage to a surface, so the pieces of foliage and flowers are just delicately balancing on one another until I get the look I want. Once photographed it all goes back into Mother Nature or sometimes I'll keep little bits for future pieces!

"Pineapple" Flower Print by Vicki Rawlins

Jacquin: What would you like to learn to create next, Vicki?

Vicki: Painting and drawing have always been my first love. But I would love to learn more about ceramics and metal work! I love working with textiles and have always wanted to design my own tiles and make my own metal garden sculptures. Someday, there's just not enough hours in a day!!

"She Wore White" Flower Print by Vicki Rawlins

Jacquin: What's in store for Sister Golden as your business grows? What are you most looking forward to as a creative company? 

Brooke: A brick and mortar has always been a goal, with a gallery-type space to feature Vicki's flower art prints in person. Each day, we can see that dream a little bit clearer. I know Vicki is constantly pushing herself with flowers and when I think her creations just can't get any better, I'm always reminded to think again. All in all, we're excited to keep challenging each other to see how our unique strengths ultimately manifest!

Owners of Sister Golden: Vicki Rawlins (left) and daughter Brooke Rawlins.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

At Home with 'Sullivan + Phenix' Chandelier Designer Elizabeth Martin

I absolutely love beaded chandeliers so I was pleased to come across brand Sullivan + Phenix, a chandelier company with a gorgeous array of beaded chandeliers designed by NYC designer Elizabeth Martin. Elizabeth creates chandeliers with both gold and silver bases in a range of beautiful, beaded shades. Today Elizabeth gives us a tour of her NYC residence showcasing her artistic design style and love of chic decor. 

Jacquin: How did your passion for lighting and lighting design begin?

Elizabeth: I was born and raised in the South, however, my lighting design idea slowly began to transform into a reality when I decided to move to New York City a few years ago at the age of 29. Overall, I was indecisive about what direction I wanted to go career wise. The most exciting part of it all for me was that the world was my oyster. In New York, everything is about who you know when it comes to getting a job. Somehow, with the help of some friends, I landed interviews with a few of the top companies in New York City. As much as I tried to get excited about a position in the ritzy Upper East Side of Manhattan, at the end of the day it wasn’t my passion. Still searching for the niche that fit me best, I decided to take a job in Soho at a fabulous high-end home store there. I fell in love with all of the beautiful chandeliers that we had hanging in the store. I started to brainstorm and realized that handmade chandeliers were somewhat of an untapped market. I have always wanted to work for myself, so it was there that my idea was born and I became determined to make my dream a reality.

Jacquin: Tell us about how you launched your lighting brand, Sullivan + Phenix. How was your time living in NYC instrumental in developing your brand?

Elizabeth: I started making chandeliers in my Soho apartment in New York on Sullivan St, which is where the first part of the name comes from. “If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere” is a motto you hear often about the busting, fast paced city. There is so much inspiration all around you in the city all the time, it’s hard not to be motivated to be creative and do your own thing. Most everyone with a brain that is creative would tell you that we think out of the box and operate differently than most people.

Moving back home to Georgia after my time there was mostly to continue to pursue and grow my business. When I first moved back, I was making my chandeliers out of an old mill that had been renovated called the Eagle & Phenix. So the name Sullivan + Phenix is a combination of the start of my company in New York, and then the continuation of it when I relocated. Being fortunate enough to work for myself and not for someone else was like a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I am constantly coming up with ideas and dreaming of new designs for my chandeliers. I definitely have found my passion, and I think a creative outlet in life is one of the best things you can have in my opinion.

Jacquin: What is inspiring you creatively at the moment?

Elizabeth: I am definitely inspired by all interior designers who aren’t afraid to take risks. My favorite thing is when I go into someone’s home are those “wow” pieces that almost make you gasp at how fabulous they are. This could be anything from a unique piece of art, to a pop of color in an unexpected place. I also love mixing different textures in a room. That said, I would have to say that Kelly Wearstler is definitely one of my greatest creative influences. Another would be my sister, Lulie Wallace! She is an artist based out of Charleston, SC. I cannot say enough about how much I admire her, and her work, and how far she has come in her career. She is definitely an inspiration to me, and I can only hope that one day I will flourish as much as she has over the years.

Jacquin: What steps did you take to educate yourself on chandeliers and lighting? What did you most enjoy about the learning phase of chandelier design?

Elizabeth: I learned a lot about lighting from my metal fabricator that I used to make some of my very first chandeliers. He was located outside of the NYC, so I used to rent a car, and drive out to Bridgehampton, NY where his metal shop was. He had years of experience as a welder, working on custom jobs for his high-end client homes in the Hamptons.

There are many intricate stages that each chandelier goes through before being complete. After the welding process, the chains are then attached to the preferred length of the client, and piece is painted by hand. Next, the beads are carefully counted and strung one by one. I would say that although the beading part is tedious, it is my favorite part because that is what makes the chandelier so pretty!

Chandelier designer Elizabeth Martin at work crafting a Sullivan + Phenix chandelier. 

Jacquin: What is your all time favorite chandelier design so far?

Elizabeth: My favorite chandelier design actually is the very first one that was made, the “Riley” chandelier (see below). This chandelier is so special to me because of the beads. They are imported from Ghana, Africa and are handmade by women of the Krobo Tribe using recycled glass. The powder color comes from finely ground glass most commonly made out broken bottles and other scrap glasses.

These beautiful glass beads are made in vertical molds. Each mold is filled with finely ground glass, which is layered to create different colorful designs. The beads are fired in clay kilns until the reycled glass fuses. They are even more beautiful in person, and the way that the light hits them when the chandelier is lit is absolutely amazing!

Chandelier shown- Elizabeth's favorite design yet, the "Riley" Chandelier

Jacquin: You have a lot of great decorative features in your apartment! Tell us about your favorite space in your home.

Elizabeth: My favorite space in my home is right when you enter into my apartment through the foyer. There is a peacock chair that I love along with an abstract art piece by one of my favorite artists, Teil Duncan (see above). There is a fun story that goes along with the chair, which originated in East Asia and was reserved for royals because of it’s throne like frame. In the 19th century, the designs made their way to the United States, where they were popular garden-party perches. In the 60’s and 70’s the chairs were popular for boho-glam photo shoots from everyone to Stevie Nicks, to Cher, to Bridgette Bardot. It’s always interesting for me to have background information about pieces in my home!

(Left) Hensley Chandelier, (Right) Lulie Chandelier

Jacquin: What has been your most exciting moment as a lighting designer and entrepreneur so far? 

Elizabeth: All moments are exciting for me as a lighting designer! Every time I get a new order it’s like Christmas for me! I work hard to make sure every precise detail is fulfilled according to the custom dimension and bead request from my clients. It is fun to make them unique for each person, because everyone has different needs when designing their space. Most importantly, I look forward to the future of my business, and the fabulous opportunity that I have to continue to evolve to make new and different designs! A round sphere shaped piece is in the works at the moment, so please stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Cinthya Zuniga

Monday, August 15, 2016

Contemporary Gold Brass Furniture from Jenifer Janniere

When Jenifer Janniere contacted me regarding her new furniture brand, I knew I had to feature her amazing designs. Jenifer's background is interior design but she has found a new passion in furniture design. Jenifer's bold, geometric designs blend the line between art deco and contemporary, adding a bit of edge and interest to any space. My favorite piece from her inaugural collection is the stunning geometric bookcase shown below.

Jenifer Janniere Etagere

Jenifer's design process is quite impressive and intricate, and fully directed by Jenifer herself. In terms of production, each piece is crafted in powder-coated 16 gauge steel that is treated with a hand-applied gold finish for a luxury feel. Jenifer also offers black and antique brass finishes for those wanting a slightly different look. 

Jenifer Janniere C2 Console Table.

Want a peek at what Jenifer Janniere's designs look like in a residential space? Take a look at this lovely staging from store As Of Now, which currently carries Jenifer Janniere's line of contemporary furniture. 

Jenifer Janniere Arrow Side Table.

There are just so many great pieces to choose from. I really love her bed frame design and arrow side table as well. You can shop Jenifer Janniere's new collection through her website or the As Of Now store. 

Jenifer Janniere No.2 Bed frame

Which Jenifer Janniere design is your favorite?

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