Monday, August 7, 2017

6 Picture Frames for the Design Lover! + Vote for me in the AMARA blog awards

Hi friends! A short interlude before today's blog post... I've been nominated for an Amara Blog Award which honors interior design bloggers! Yay! I'm really excited to participate in this year's blogging contest and I'll need your help to reach my goal. Support the blog by voting for me in the Amara Blog Awards HERE. Thank you so much for your kind support! Now back to the blog post. :-)

No matter how many picture frames I buy, I can always buy another, especially if it has a unique design. I love displaying my travel photos around home and switching out the pictures to showcase different memories. Why not take it one step further and change out your frames while you're changing the photos? Changing out your picture frames is one of the easiest and least inexpensive ways to add luxurious accents to your home. Here are my favorite frames from Bloomingdale's and AMARA!

So there you have it, 7 fab frames to get you excited about displaying your photos at home. If you love these frames, and the Interiors by Jacquin blog, cast your vote in the Amara Blog Awards. I appreciate your support!

Vote for me in the Amara Blog Awards HERE!

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