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At Home with Dubai Designer Nisrine Moghraby

Today we're hopping over to Dubai where interior designer Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby has welcomed us into her home for a special home tour. Nisrine's style is chic with global flair, grounded by contemporary black accents. Take a look at my recent interview with Harf Noon Design Studio's Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby.

Jacquin: Tell us about your decorating style? How have you used your own personal style to brand yourself and the Harf Noon Design Studio?

Nisrine: I believe I have an ever-evolving style that is underpinned by a subtle coordinated fusion of middle-eastern meets west; definitely using clean line and neutral tones, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence. All elements I use are simplistic yet with timeless elegance interrupted by hints of colour here and there. I have kept this style consistent in the branding of Harf Noon Design Studio... you'll see a lot of clean lines and neutrals interrupted by strong black & white textures with hints of colour.

Jacquin: I know you're working on a new line of homewares. How exciting! What can you tell us about your upcoming collection? What has been involved in developing your homewares collection so far?

Nisrine: his is still a project in the making. Unfortunately it got delayed due to unforeseen reasons, however I believe the full reveal will be very soon. I am a creative, which means when I find a need for an item I immediately get my hands busy with finding solutions for it. My first product was a series of Limited edition Wall Coverings designed from the actual handwritten famous songs of the writer Chafic El Moghraby. The song writer’s work became a part of the Lebanese and Arabic cultural weave, with work spanning the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and words sung by many famous Arab singers such as Sabah, George Wassouf, Melhem Barakat, Nasry Chamseddine, and Ragheb Alame among others. I was personally interested in reviving these hand written songs by juxtaposing them against their digital pixel equivalent. The result, a mesh of old and new that can coexist in our modern day setting and bring back an era long gone. These were sold at the Art Dubai Fair and were a great success. For my new line, I'm filling a gap for certain items like creative cushions, carpets and more wall hangings. You will know more about these very soon.

Jacquin: Interior designers often have great taste in coffee table books. What coffee table books are you enjoying at home right now?

Nisrine: My husband, who is a television & film director, and I both love anything with visual impact. Sitting on our table right now is a photography book by Steve McCurry "The Iconic Photographs" published by Phaidon. It truly captures unique fleeting moments of human experience and offers a window to other worlds. 

As for bedside interior design, fashion, and travel books, I love 'Style A to Z' by Rachel Zoe,  'How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style & Bad Habits' & Garance Dore's 'Love, Style & Life'. You'll find books like these around my house.

Jacquin: How does being born and raised in Abu Dhabi influence you as an interior designer?

Nisrine: I love the fact that I'm a global child... I'm Lebanese in origin but having grown up here meant I got to live and experience a variety of cultures. We had 87 nationalities in school! This meant that my middle eastern background mingled with various social and cultural settings, language, religions, even food. It allows one to eventually develop many social connections with these cultures and allows for a much more open acceptance of the other. I would say this hugely benefited me as I can understand my clients backgrounds and needs a lot better having met many of the same nationalities over the years.

Jacquin: Have you undertaken any DIY projects at home? What was involved? How does this DIY creation represent you? 

Nisrine: I've done several, but my favorite is definitely my sons graphic show wall entirely in two hours! its made of black washi tape and connects the  two walls in the in room with the bed... it just sets the whole mood of the room with its bold lines and styled items on the wall. You can see the room below. Anything black and white speaks to my style aesthetic, its bold and elegant yet fun. You will notice I have used these colors in several instances in my home.

Jacquin: I love when individuals showcase global finds in their home's decor. What is your favorite travel souvenir that has become a special design element in your home?

Nisrine: Ooh I have a lot! I don't buy any fridge magnets or shot glasses or T-shirts when I travel...I prefer buying small pieces of art that would remind me of the place I've been to. I have small ashtrays from Barcelona, a tile piece from Prague, little dolls from Istanbul. A ceramic horse from Tiblisi, small house from Tallin and Green 1940's green glass trinket boxes I'm collecting... each reminds me of a city, the people I was travelling with and a feeling! You can see some of my souvenirs displayed below.

Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home?

Nisrine: My favorite room is my bedroom which we have kept TV free so its ultimately relaxing. (See above.) I love when the sun goes in through the curtains in the morning and the wow factor in the deep blue wall we've painted and the lovely limited edition horses print by Australian photographer Katie Mendi which we sourced from Tribe Dubai. 

The room oozes with everything relaxing that engages the senses - from scented candles to luxurious cotton bedding & cushions.I've also created a little reading nook with a comfy pottery barn chair a throw and well place side table for the reading books and coffee. No wall is left bare! they either have mirrors, to bounce the light, or Art (Like this particular silk screened limited edition piece I named 'streets').  Most importantly a clutter free policy - I am a bit of an OCD! everything is always put in place or collected in a tray.

Jacquin: How has your journey in entrepreneurship been so far? Despite the hard work of entrepreneurship, what has been your most rewarding moment up to this point?

Nisrine: One difficult aspect of entrepreneurship would be trusting your instinct and being brave about it. Another important element on my journey has been finding and creating the right network of trustworthy suppliers in my industry, as all projects are dependent on quality supplies. The most rewarding aspect is the look on my clients' faces when they see the final space. I am blessed in that even after the projects are completed, my clients text me and share how much they are truly in love with their homes. That, along with getting their homes featured in leading interiors magazines, has been amazing. 

Learn more abut Dubai designer Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby on her website Harf Noon Design Studio

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