Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Etsy Eight: Awesome Etsy Finds of the Week

1. Hand-painted silk scarf - Dikla Levsky Design

2. Antique, Chinese sytle drawer pulls (5.6 inch) - LBFEEL

3. Trina Turk persimmon arches pillow - Pop O' Color

4. Hand-woven, large mandala basket - Weaving Art

5. "Lydia" Fine Art coaster set (4) - Christoff Davis

6. Men's Titanium ring with cocobolo wood - Ring Ordering

7. Seamless, Burnt Honey leather ribbon belt - Mano Bello

8. "Love birdie on twig" long earrings in silver, gold, or pink finish - Once Upon a Cho

Which of the Etsy 8 is on your wish list?

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